WTCC Macau: Cruze finishes its 8-year WTCC dream run with amazing wins


A true winner almost always has the same story to tell. The Chevrolet Cruze, with its recent performance at the WTCC Macau, only proves this point. The Chevrolet Cruze ended the 2012 season with a massive and unprecedented 1,025 points after double and triple finishes.

Chevrolet achieved a historical record by being the first constructor ever to pass the 1,000-point threshold, ahead of BMW (650) and SEAT (617). The Macau race was the last for Chevrolet in the WTCC series after an extraordinary eight-year journey that produced three double WTCC titles (Manufacturers’ and Drivers’) and a staggering 68 race wins. Here are some memorable words by the Chevrolet Cruze drivers themselves:

Rob Huff: “What an incredible day! I really made things difficult for myself in Race 1 when I hit a wall – I guess I wanted to ensure the entertainment until the very last moment. It was a stupid mistake that could have cost me a lot. The boys did a fantastic job to repair the car for Race 2 and I must thank all the mechanics, including Alain’s and Yvan’s crews who also helped out. This is proof of the fantastic team spirit. It is going to take a while before I realize I’m the new World Champion. I guess it’s something that has to sink in slowly. It’s a perfect end to a fantastic venture. Eight years ago, Chevrolet and RML took a gamble on me and I hope today I proved them right.”

Alain Menu: “It’s great to finish with a win. In a way I am closing the loop. I won the first race for Chevrolet in 2006 at Brands Hatch (UK), and now the last one… and we are leaving the WTCC with a 1-2-3; it’s great. Needless to say, I am a little bit disappointed not to win the Drivers’ title by so few points, but that’s racing. I knew I had to win both races to be in with a chance, and I came close to doing so. Overall I had a good season and I am very happy with what we achieved. It’s still hard to realize that it is all over – we will definitely be sad tomorrow, but tonight, we’ll surely have a great party.”

Yvan Muller (1st/3rd): “A bronze medal in the WTCC was missing in my collection, but now I have it… Clearly, I would have preferred another outcome, but I knew it was going to be difficult to win the championship after Shanghai. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and you have to accept it. I want to congratulate Rob on his title – it is well-deserved. Race 1 was good for me. I was happy to win in Macau for the first time. In Race 2 there was this incident with Alex MacDowall; he missed the apex at the Mandarin corner, the fastest of all, and I was too close to being able to do anything to avoid him. I am sorry, but relieved he is OK. Being with Chevrolet these last three years has been a terrific experience and I will retain great memories of this time.”

Vijay Iyer, Director (Communications), Chevrolet Europe summed up Team Chevrolet’s highly successful run with some very inspiring words: “I want to thank our drivers and everybody at RML for the outstanding job, the commitment and the spirit shown during this weekend, the entire season and the eight years of Chevrolet’s presence in the WTCC. To finish with a 1-2-3 is really symbolic of how great this experience has been for everyone involved. This has been a fantastic program for Chevrolet, which has brought a lot to our brand, and we say goodbye to the WTCC with a sense of pride for our achievements.”

With the Chevrolet Cruze bidding goodbye to WTCC, there will be a little dejection back at the camp. But as they say, ‘tomorrow is a brand new day’; and with those words Chevrolet Cruze will surely race right back, to achieve brand new milestones on the highway of motorsports!

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