Women of Chevrolet driven to achieve

Women-DishaAt Chevrolet, the women’s council at our Gurgaon plant, Disha, is an all exclusive group established and looked after entirely by our women employees. They organize activities throughout the year relating to their empowerment, safety and other issues. With some incredible work being done and with our full support, they recently got together again and held a “Self Defense Initiative” for its members.

The one day program was very beneficial with topics such as self-protection in a moving vehicle and situational awareness being taught. Women were also given a quick class on how to apply chokes and holds and to defend against a knife or gun attack. The enthusiasm shown by the ladies was inspiring – with many keen to pass on these tips to others. Needless to say, but the initiative was a roaring success.

Chevrolet has always been proud of their women employees and seeing them take such an initiative has truly overwhelmed us. We not only encourage them, but women across the country to stand up and fight the crimes done against them. Stay safe and stay protected.

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