The Three C’s of Driving

The-Three-Cs-of-DrivingAs enjoyable as driving is, it can be also be stressful. Traffic snarls, long drives, accidents major or minor can result in stress and irritation at the steering wheel. When distracted and frustrated, drivers are at most. One of the best ways for drivers to avoid this stress is by following “The Three C’s”, i.e., being Considerate, Consistent and Careful. These three simple rules can make you more aware and cautious:

Be considerate and keep a safe distance while tailgating;

Be consistent with your speed by driving according to the flow; and

Be careful while approaching corners.

Tailgating is a problem if you’re not concentrating on the road ahead and being pre-occupied. It gives you less time to react to any unexpected action from the vehicle ahead. You can never tell what the other person has on their mind, so being considerate of these factors; you should keep a safe distance from a potential collision. Try keeping a minimum two-second buffer between vehicles, and increase it to at least four-seconds in wet conditions.

There’s no mistaking the traffic in India for anywhere else in the world. It’s hectic, irritable and frustrating at most times. Keeping up to speed with the rest of the bunch and letting traffic flow around you is an important way to avoiding any headaches. The risks of over-speeding are obvious, while driving too slow also has its hazards. Drivers behind can get frustrated leading them to make risky maneuvers. It’s important to keep the flow of traffic smooth in order to limit the risk to you and others.

Approaching corners at the appropriate speed is important as a majority of crashes occur with drivers losing control at bends. Slow your car down before you get into corners and pay attention to any oncoming traffic. If it’s raining, you should take even more precautions.

So there you have it. Three small rules that mean a lot on the road. It is simple things like these that can keep you safe and protected in your car. So next time your driving be sure to practice “The Three C’s”.

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