The difference between Tube-type and Tubeless tyres

Tube-Type Vs Tubeless Tyre


Tyres play a big role in the way a car handles itself. It not only affects the vehicles mileage but safety as well. Essentially, when it comes to tyres, there are of two types – Tube and Tubeless. Let’s tell you in a bit more detail what to expect from these difference options.

As the name suggests, a tube tyre consists of a tube of air that is placed inside the tyre. The air acts as a cushion and makes driving over bumpy roads a bit smoother. It also maintains the shape of the tyre and most importantly supports the weight of the vehicle, keeping it stable.

On the other hand, a tubeless tyre weighs less and reduces un-sprung weight of the vehicle. This gives you superior handling characteristics and inspires confidence in the driver. The overall result – a better driving experience!

However, the advantages of driving on a set of tubeless tyres far outweigh tubes. This is especially visible when a tyre gets punctured. With a sudden loss of air pressure, your car can get unstable and swerve, eventually leading to an accident. In similar condition, a tubeless tyre would lose its air slowly and uniformly, thus giving the driver ample time to slow the vehicle down.

Other advantages also lie in tubeless tyres like; its resistance when driving is much lower, the car feels lighter and has less friction, making it more economical. Apart from that, it has lesser components, generates low heat while on the move and causes minimal vibration. One of the most important difference is that they last longer than tubes.

So there you have it. With the advantages it holds over a tube tyre, tubeless is surely the option you should consider. Safety, fuel efficiency and an overall better driving experience – that’s what you can expect from this set of wheels!

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