Pre-delivery-inspection (PDI)


Very few moments in your life can match the happiness experienced in purchasing a brand new car. But here are a few points to be kept in mind before taking your favourite new car home

  • Confirm the date of delivery with your dealership. It is advisable to go there only after the car has been prepared and is ready. If you have preferences for a particular day/time (for auspicious reasons), inform the sales person in advance. It is recommended that you accept delivery in broad daylight.
  • Ascertain that you are carrying the required documentation with you. This may include forms, receipts and others. It’s a great idea to take a relative or friend along for suggestions.
  • It is the salesperson’s job to acquaint you with your new car’s features and how everything operates. Ask him to demonstrate the car fully to avoid hiccups later. Also visit the Service Department and meet the service manager.
  • Carefully walk around the car, ensuring that it is immaculately clean and look for any signs of repair work / damage. Even the interiors should be sparkling clean. Check that all lights and electric accessories are working fine and all the accessories you ordered are fitted in the car. Confirm that the spare wheel, tools (spanner, jack etc.) as well as wipers, floor matting, first-aid kit and hazard sign are in place. Also make sure that there is enough fuel in the car to get you to the nearest petrol pump.
  • Check that the Chassis and Engine number of the car matches with that in the Invoice. Check that you have been handed over insurance, PUC certificate, Owner’s Manual and duplicate keys. Ensure that the original warranty with dealership stamp and warranty for third party items such as battery, tyres etc are provided.


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