Night Driving Tips

Night-safety-tips[2]Cool temperatures, empty roads, minimal traffic – driving at night is always a pleasure. No pun intended but it has a dark side to it. Night driving has been known to increase the chances of an accident by as much as 300%. Apart from limited visibility, fatigue also impacts concentration levels to a great extent. Here are some tips drivers should adhere to, to ensure optimum safety.

Ninety percent of a driver’s reaction depends upon vision – which is severely limited at night. Hence extra caution is a necessity. Drivers should always be wary of this fact and make sure they don’t break any traffic rules. Changing lanes on an empty road may seem easier, but one should still signal their intent to do so before making such a maneuver as we can never be sure of any vehicle in the dark.

Darkness gravely dampens our judgment of maintaining a minimum safe distance from other vehicles. The decreased reaction time makes it a necessity to maintain greater distance between vehicles at night.

Most speed limits are set as per day driving conditions. At night, they are relatively relaxed. But that should never be taken for granted. Higher speed means less time to react and even lesser room to brake. Hence, abiding the speed limit at night is always the sensible thing to do.

Overtaking at night should be avoided due to the lack of proper visibility. However, if it is necessary, overtake only after signaling.

Most drivers use a high beam while driving at night. The perception: a better, wider view. But the reality is far from that. High beams tend to produce glare which hampers the vision of oncoming traffic and often leads to fatal accidents for both passengers.

Windshields may appear clean during the day but reveal stains that can cause glare at night. Using a moist newspaper to clean the windscreen is recommended before driving at night. You could also use a cotton or microfiber cloth for the same purpose.

Minor safety tips like this, if employed, can be very helpful in keeping you secure and protected while driving at night. Following them isn’t the hardest thing to do. Stay safe!

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