Miles to go: Protect your Chevy during the monsoon!

Monsoon driving tips

When it rains, it pours! While the monsoon brings with it much needed relief from the heat, it can also result in water clogged and flooded roads. In such scenarios, it’s always better to stay one step ahead of the weather conditions, so that you and your car don’t end up stranded in the rains. Here are some tips that Chevy owners should observe while driving during rough weather conditions:

1.      In flooded waters wherein the level is deep enough to submerge your exhaust pipe, consider taking an alternative route. Attempting to wade through deep water can ruin the electrical systems.

2.      If need be, drive slowly through water-logged areas and put the vehicle into the first gear before entering a flooded area.

3.      Avoid going full throttle while driving through a flooded area, as it may force water to enter the cylinders, causing serious damage to the engine.

4.      Driving through waterlogged roads gets riskier at night as gauging the depth of the water becomes difficult. On such occasions, check the level of the water against dividers, trees, pavements before going ahead.

5.      If the vehicle has broken down and is already submerged in flood water, one can shift the gear to neutral and apply the hand brake before exiting the vehicle. Ensure not to attempt to start the engine even once using the starter or push-start technique. This leads to damaging the engine as water present inside the cylinders cause hydrostatic lock resulting in breakage or bending of connecting rods (internal engine parts).

6.      In case of flooding, the driver should allow the water level to recede and get the vehicle pushed out of water in neutral gear and allow the water to drain out for some time. Avoid starting the engine and call a Chevrolet Authorized Workshop or Contact Chevrolet 24×7 Road Side Assistance 1800-103-8090 or Customer Assistance Toll free number 1800-3000-8080 for immediate support in towing away the vehicle to the Chevrolet workshop.

7.      For hassle-free repair of your Chevrolet vehicle, always keep the Insurance Policy document in a safe, easily accessible location. Note down the policy number to be accessed during the times of need.

8.      In case of Insurance Claim, keep some of the common documents that are required for claims settlement include, claim form duly signed, valid RC copy of the vehicle, valid driving license copy, policy copy etc. You can contact your Chevrolet Dealer for claim processing details.

Keep these few simple tips in mind and enjoy more miles and a better drive in your Chevrolet!

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