How to burn rubber and not your pockets

milageYour car burned a rather big hole in your bank account when you decided to buy it. And now you have another headache – mileage issues. It’s probably got you wishing cars were never invented. But you needn’t worry about it that much. There’s no need to resort to cycling to work, which isn’t a bad idea actually. Here are some tips and suggestion to improve your vehicles mileage.

  • Keep your tyre pressure at optimal level. It makes a huge difference to your car’s fuel efficiency. Tyres low on pressure cause friction between the rubber and the road and results in higher fuel consumption. You don’t want something so basic to cause you so much trouble!
  • Be smooth with the controls. Caress them and treat the accelerator and brake pedals like you’re giving them a massage.
  • Useless acceleration and sudden braking can cause harm to your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Not that fun anymore is it!
  • Your car drinks more fuel in a lower gear when you accelerate. So, if the engine’s not pulling, shift down a gear rather than punching down on the throttle.
  • Idling – The act of burning fuel without really going anywhere. Turn your engine off if you’re stationary!
  • Lose weight! No, you don’t need to diet for this tip to work. Throw out any unnecessary junk lying around in your car.
  • And if none of these work – Walk!These are just some useful tips that can help you improve the mileage of your car. Whether you use them is up to you. And if you’re looking around for a fuel efficient car, Chevrolet has an exciting range of carlines which will surely impress you. As always – safe driving!
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