How changing weather affects your car

Car maintenance tips

Cars are one of the major investments one make and as a proud Chevrolet owner you would always want that your investment is well taken care of. Changing weather however can affect how your car operates because of the shifts in temperature and the change in moisture accompanying the seasons. Here are a few things you might need to look into-


If you have been using your battery for over three years, you must have an authorized car mechanic check its capacity and the alternator output so that you don’t face cold start troubles during winters. The ends of the battery terminal also need to be corrosion free.

The Gas Tank

The gas tank must be filled halfway during colder temperatures as it will help reduce the build-up of moisture in the fuel lines. The more moisture builds up, the more the likelihood that the fuel system will freeze and not work, in extremely cold conditions.

Belts and Hoses

All the rubber belts and hoses in your car must be in good condition. Adverse weather conditions can cause belts to incur heavy cracks, while the coolant hoses can get damaged in extreme heat conditions.


Brakes play an important role in keeping the car safe. It is important to get your brakes checked every six months, as brake fluid can leak or freeze, if you happen to use your car in an excessively hot or cold environment.

If you have your car prepared in advance, it shall easily survive the excessive weather changes and give you miles of trouble free service.


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