GM Expands Landfill-Free Efforts in Asia


GM 106 Landfill-Free Facilities


General Motors around the globe is always looking for ways and means to reduce its carbon footprint and give back to the environment more than it takes. Going by these high standards, the Landfill-free initiative helps recycle, reuse or convert daily waste to energy.

With the two new proving grounds in Thailand and Cheong-na, the overall total for GM plants that are landfill-free in Asia has risen to 33 and 106 worldwide. And our two manufacturing plants in India are also part of this group.

Our plant in Talegaon, recently swapped wood pallets for reusable, recycled-content plastic containers that weigh and cost less. The facility reduced wood pallet waste by a significant amount last year, and now has GM’s North American operations looking into the use of these plastic containers in their operations. The Talegaon plant was able to reduce 10 tons of litter in one year alone with it waste-reduction practices like wastewater treatment, painting or grinding, and locally sourcing and sanitizing gloves for reuse.

Speaking about this, Mr. John Bradburn, GM Manager of Waste-reduction Efforts said, “Wood pallets oftentimes aren’t built to be reused after one overseas shipment. Our most common recycling method is to grind them for mulch, and our South Africa plant is even taking them apart to make furniture. But our teams in Asia employed a more sustainable solution. By using plastic, they cut weight by more than half and we can continue using them after the initial load.”

Mr. Tim Lee, GM Vice President, Global Manufacturing and President of International Operations said, “Regardless of where our teams are building cars for our customers around the world, we all share a commitment to the environment. We work with all of our plants to ensure they have a roadmap to get to landfill-free, which is important considering our commitment of 125 landfill-free facilities by 2020.”

At GM, it isn’t just about using the environment and its abundance of natural resources. Along with producing fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly cars, we understand that a balance has to be kept between giving and taking, and we are committed to doing just that!

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