Environmentally friendly cars

Environmentally-friendly-cars[19]With global warming becoming a major concern, and fossil fuel being steadily depleted, the hunt is on for sustainable fuel sources and the ideal green vehicle.

Environmentally friendly cars, also known as green vehicles are new genre of cars which have become a big trend over the past couple of years. The main attraction of these green vehicles is the fact that they have a fairly minimal impact on the environment with reduced air pollution and green house emission, thus helping people “reduce their carbon footprint”.

Green vehicles aren’t just limited to one particular type of fuel or energy source. Car companies and research organisations have been experimenting with all types of alternatives, with electric powered vehicles being one of the most popular. Besides Electric power, compressed-air, hydrogen and fuel-cell, neat ethanol, natural gas, clean diesel are also being studied and researched. Other sources of energy explored are blends of bio-diesel and ethanol fuel or gasohol.

Solar powered vehicles could well be the transportation of the future. The solar energy is trapped in solar panel placed on the top of the vehicle. Photovoltaic (PV) cells convert the Sun’s energy directly into electrical energy. So far, this type of energy has not been harnessed to its full potential and is much too dependent on the weather.

Wind-powered electric vehicles are another possibility – they primarily use wind-turbines installed at a strategic point of the vehicle, which are then converted into electric energy thus powering the vehicle.

Alternate green fuels will take time to develop, in the meanwhile conventional cars and even 2 wheelers are being made to strict quality standards that assure far more fuel efficiency than ever, especially when compared with the motoring era gone by.  In countries like India, Pakistan, Argentina, Brazil, Italy and China a sizable percentage of cars and public transport has shifted to CNG (Compressed natural Gas) engines.

At Chevrolet the alternate fuel vehicle that defines transportation of the future is the Chevrolet Volt. Imagine only hitting the gas station once a month. A fantasy? Far from it. In fact, Volt drivers who charge regularly are averaging 900 miles, or about a month between fill-ups.

With the extended range Volt, you don’t have to choose between electric or gas. You have the option of both. First is the advanced lithium–ion battery that allows you to drive gas-free for an EPA-estimated 38 miles. But Volt doesn’t stop there. There’s also an on-board gas generator that produces electricity so you can travel a total of 380 miles on a full charge and full tank of gas. Now that’s long-range savings.

One of the most awarded cars when it was launched in 2011, Volt also received a 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score for safety from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Add the 273 lb./ft. of low–end torque performance, stylish good looks, and all the high-tech amenities and you get a better understanding on how Volt is changing the way we drive.

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