Chevrolet welcomes two new showrooms

2 new dealershipsAt Chevrolet, we are always looking to improve and enrich customer experience at any given time. We are proud to announce the opening of our stylish new showrooms in New Delhi and Pune. The impressive architecture and attention to customer convenience at these facilities are sure to impress. Located at premium locations we are expecting high footfalls and rave reviews from everyone.

TREO Chevrolet – the 3S facility in New Delhi was inaugurated on 5th April in the presence of our M.D. Mr. Lowell Paddock. The showroom is approximately 4000 sq. ft. and the workshop facility is approximately 20,000 sq.ft., and is located on the main Okhla Road.

Equally impressive, are the 2 new 3S facilities in Pune which were inaugurated on 4th April in the presence of MD, Mr Lowell Paddock. Platinum Chevrolet, the showroom and workshop on Kalewadi Road is approximately 25,000 sq.ft., the other showroom and workshop facility on Shanker Seth Road is in the centre of the city and approx. 9000 sq.ft.

We extend a warm welcome to the latest entrants in to our ever expanding Chevrolet family. We wish them the best of luck and hope they spread the joy and experience of being part of Chevrolet.

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