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Car-wash[6]Helpful tips for washing your car

Let’s face it. None of us actually have the time to wash our cars ourselves. This is a job that we’ve conveniently delegate to lesser mortals. And what do they do? Take the shortcut. Sprinkle it with a little water, wipe the smudges and voila! Look your car’s spic and span. But is that good enough? More importantly, is it good enough for your car? How about a few smart tips that will keep your car sparkling clean and presentable for longer!

  • Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. Your grandma’s remedies won’t work here!
  • Remember, household cleaners are meant for the house. Not cars. So if you’re using those to clean your car, stop! Use automotive cleaning products only.
  • Cars don’t have sunscreens. So, don’t wash your vehicle under the hot sun. The cleaning product will dry up quickly becoming harder to remove and could leave your car looking like it was scratched in a brawl.
  • Give your car some love and some warmth. Rinse it in warm water before applying anything. That makes it a whole lot easier to remove mud, dirt, smudges and dust.
  • Start at the grassroots. Always wash from bottom to top, and then back down again. Why? Because if you work from top to bottom, the dirty water will drain down the panels and make it harder to see where you have cleaned.
  • Don’t let your dirty linen get your car soiled. Clean your wash cloth regularly with detergent to remove any dirt that might be left on it. Using a dirty cloth is basically putting dirt back on your car.
  • Polished appearances make great impressions. A good waxing goes a long way in protecting your vehicle from dirt. So, get your car polished every 4 – 6 months. That should be enough. Your car will be much easier to clean.There you go! Some really easy, yet effective and clever tips to keep your car looking sparking new. Because that’s the way it should be!
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  1. Davos

    Those are some nice tips. I also tend to use warm water as it makes it easier to clean the car and better removes any settled dust.


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