Chevrolet Service Estimator: Making things simpler for you!

Service EstimatorServicing is very important for any vehicle as it reduces long term spends, retains vehicle value and maximizes its life span. To help you keep a check on the servicing record of your car, General Motors India launched a Chevrolet Service Estimator. The Estimator is an easy- to-use tool which helps calculate the approximate cost that one will entail while gets one’s Chevy serviced.

We can visit the service estimator page on the official website for Chevrolet or click on follow these easy steps –

Select your Chevrolet vehicle and the fuel variant

  • Select the service period. This may range from 6 to 84 months. Also, select your city, dealer and the nearest service outlet
  • Once you’re done with the selection, click on the ‘Get Estimate’ button to get the final servicing cost

    The next page displays the ‘Total Service Cost’ along with the list of replacements that your Chevvy requires. The page will also show parts in the car that needs to be inspected at the service outlet.

So now you have a quick and easy way to know how much it would take to keep your Chevrolet in top shape! Happy motoring in 2014.

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