Chevrolet Beat Diesel – Drive with InteliDrive!

Beat Diesel with InteliDriveThe Chevrolet Beat has been a winner all along, thanks to its fantastic styling, comfortable interiors and fuel efficiency. What makes the Beat even better is the fact that it comes loaded with technology that is not only aimed at improving its performance, but also the owner’s driving experience. The Chevrolet Beat Diesel has a set of unique features, clubbed as ‘InteliDrive Technology’, which make the Beat a truly unbeatable product!

Pro-Vario Assist Featherlite EPS

Pro-Vario Assist Electrical Featherlite Power Steering is designed to make maneuvering your Beat Diesel a breeze. While driving at a low speed or parking, maneuvering your car will require minimal effort. The assist levels on the steering vary at higher speeds for increased road feel and optimum vehicle control.

Advanced Insta-Torque Boost (AIB)

For faster torque build-up, the Beat Diesel comes equipped with Smart Turbocharger with vacuum activated wastegate. It gives the highest torque per liter in its segment and helps during overtaking maneuvers with quick engine RPM increase, hence providing torque on demand. This is aimed to make driving effortless with minimal downshifts while overtaking.

Intelligent Launch Support System (ILSS)

To ensure an effortless launch, especially on slopes, ILSS with Advanced Insta-Torque Boost (AIB) & Electronic Throttle has been fitted in the Beat. The Electronic Clutch Switch detects the pedal position to deliver optimum torque when starting from zero.

Smart Engine & Clutch Protection Mode (SECP)

Another feature that’s loaded on to the Beat Diesel is the Engine Protection Mode which manages engine torque and power output based on the input provided by coolant temperature and engine oil pressure sensors. High RPMs can be dangerous if they regularly exceed recommended limits, Smart Electronically Controlled Logic ensures the RPMs are maintained within the safe range in the Chevrolet Beat Diesel. The system ensures launch RPMs do not cross the 3000RPM mark. The Clutch Assembly Protection provides a smooth start to the engine and is specially designed for Indian driving conditions. It also helps improve mileage and minimizes the wear and tear on the clutch system, thus reducing maintenance costs as well.

Gas Charged Rebound Tuned Suspension (GRTS)

The Beat Diesel also features a GRT suspension which has been tuned to maximize your ride comfort and dynamic vehicle handling. The suspension has been tuned specifically for Indian roads. The wider tires give you better road grip while driving, turning and braking, ensuring safety and comfort on every drive.

And these aren’t the only features that can be found in the Chevrolet Beat. You can check out the rest here. So now tell us – Are you ready to turn on the Beat life?

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