Lead the Way with Chevrolet Trailblazer

With the Chevrolet Trailblazer, it does not matter if you are on city roads or on an adventurous trip to the rocky hill roads, you will truly feel like a king. The comfortable ride with embrace of luxurious interiors, the rugged 7 seat Trailblazer also provides ample space for baggage, powerful class 2.8L Duramax diesel engine (with 147kW of power and 500 Nm torque) and keep you well above the others. You will fall in love with the sleek exteriors designed magnificently to please with just the right mix of chrome, sharp lines and flared arches. Yet, it exudes Read more

Your Perfect Partner, Chevrolet Beat 2016

In this day and age of high stress levels and competitive environment one looks for fun, comfort and peace of mind wherever it can be found. It can be nerve wracking driving in the mad traffic of big cities for your job all day, or driving distances in the evening to a networking event! What’s the solution? Get into a Chevrolet Beat 2016, it’s an efficient and fun car! The pleasure and ease of driving this small car is what normally comes in sedans. The amazing pick-up of the car with the advanced insta-torque boost, the steering mounted audio controls Read more

The story of the Chevrolet Trailblazer launch in India

The Chevrolet Trailblazer became a part of a love story… about a wife who wants to do something different in return for her husband’s niceness, something that would bring joy to his heart. We made a real life video on the wife making her husband relive his favorite childhood memory of receiving a Chevrolet toy car from his uncle, packed in a box. However, this time the Chevrolet car was the Trailblazer, delivered in a very large wooden Amazon box, which created such a touching nostalgic moment… the ringing of the doorbell, the excitement in the wife’s eyes as she Read more

Chevrolet takes football fan from India to United Kingdom to enjoy Manchester United experience

Fan from Hyderabad gets a once in a lifetime opportunity which money can’t buy Chevrolet today announced that it will kick start the dream journey of a Manchester United Fan from Hyderabad to Old Trafford, the home ground of the legendary football club, Manchester United. The objective of the Chevrolet Fan Cup is to celebrate the passion of Manchester United fans in India by turning their dreams into reality. The winner was selected through a Chevrolet Fan Cup Contest on Chevrolet India’s website, encouraging fans of Manchester United to answer “How Do You Celebrate after a Goal?” with a celebration picture Read more

Driving Tips

Tips for City Driving

City driving tips

There is a lot of joy that you can experience while driving. It’s just you and your car, cruising down the open road and living life in the fast lane. That’s unless you’re living in a city. What you get here is nothing short of a horror show on wheels, especially during rush hour traffic. Pot holes, endless traffic jams, the pollution, both air and noise, and of course the city temper. And that’s just some of the obstacles that you will have to deal with on these busy roads. But we, at Chevrolet, are going to help you out. Here are some tips to keep you safe through all this.

  • Make sure you use your turn indicators consistently and well in advance when turning or changing lanes. And don’t try forcing your way through traffic.
  • Don’t try to forge your way through traffic by stepping on the accelerator. The faster you drive, the harder you work your brakes and this, in turn, may cause more wear and tear. So stay calm and you’ll get through traffic easily.
  • You should stay alert – in fact stay twice as alert in the city! With the amount of traffic and pedestrians, there’s plenty to keep an eye on. So pay attention!
  • There’s a lot of slowing down and braking that happens when stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. In this situation, it is advisable to brake smoothly. This helps you avoid being rear-ended.
  • Your mirrors are always important, but try looking over your shoulders for blind spots as well. Do this when changing lanes or pulling away from the curb.
  • Don’t take your frustration out on drivers who are in the wrong and allow space for errors to happen. This may help avoid accidents or tense situations. And that’s always a good thing.
  • Your turn indicators are of prime importance when it comes to city driving. But, everybody would agree that sometimes this isn’t enough. So don’t be afraid to use your hand to indicate.
  • Pay extra attention at junctions and crossing. A lot can go wrong here and a lot does. Make sure to slow down and try anticipating what others might do!

So, there you go. It isn’t that hard to keep these tips in mind and following them. After all, when it comes to driving, the safer you are, the more you can enjoy your Chevrolet.


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Night Driving Tips

Night-safety-tips[2]Cool temperatures, empty roads, minimal traffic – driving at night is always a pleasure. No pun intended but it has a dark side to it. Night driving has been known to increase the chances of an accident by as much as 300%. Apart from limited visibility, fatigue also impacts concentration levels to a great extent. Here are some tips drivers should adhere to, to ensure optimum safety.

Ninety percent of a driver’s reaction depends upon vision – which is severely limited at night. Hence extra caution is a necessity. Drivers should always be wary of this fact and make sure they don’t break any traffic rules. Changing lanes on an empty road may seem easier, but one should still signal their intent to do so before making such a maneuver as we can never be sure of any vehicle in the dark.

Darkness gravely dampens our judgment of maintaining a minimum safe distance from other vehicles. The decreased reaction time makes it a necessity to maintain greater distance between vehicles at night.

Most speed limits are set as per day driving conditions. At night, they are relatively relaxed. But that should never be taken for granted. Higher speed means less time to react and even lesser room to brake. Hence, abiding the speed limit at night is always the sensible thing to do.

Overtaking at night should be avoided due to the lack of proper visibility. However, if it is necessary, overtake only after signaling.

Most drivers use a high beam while driving at night. The perception: a better, wider view. But the reality is far from that. High beams tend to produce glare which hampers the vision of oncoming traffic and often leads to fatal accidents for both passengers.

Windshields may appear clean during the day but reveal stains that can cause glare at night. Using a moist newspaper to clean the windscreen is recommended before driving at night. You could also use a cotton or microfiber cloth for the same purpose.

Minor safety tips like this, if employed, can be very helpful in keeping you secure and protected while driving at night. Following them isn’t the hardest thing to do. Stay safe!

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