Lead the Way with Chevrolet Trailblazer

With the Chevrolet Trailblazer, it does not matter if you are on city roads or on an adventurous trip to the rocky hill roads, you will truly feel like a king. The comfortable ride with embrace of luxurious interiors, the rugged 7 seat Trailblazer also provides ample space for baggage, powerful class 2.8L Duramax diesel engine (with 147kW of power and 500 Nm torque) and keep you well above the others. You will fall in love with the sleek exteriors designed magnificently to please with just the right mix of chrome, sharp lines and flared arches. Yet, it exudes Read more

Your Perfect Partner, Chevrolet Beat 2016

In this day and age of high stress levels and competitive environment one looks for fun, comfort and peace of mind wherever it can be found. It can be nerve wracking driving in the mad traffic of big cities for your job all day, or driving distances in the evening to a networking event! What’s the solution? Get into a Chevrolet Beat 2016, it’s an efficient and fun car! The pleasure and ease of driving this small car is what normally comes in sedans. The amazing pick-up of the car with the advanced insta-torque boost, the steering mounted audio controls Read more

The story of the Chevrolet Trailblazer launch in India

The Chevrolet Trailblazer became a part of a love story… about a wife who wants to do something different in return for her husband’s niceness, something that would bring joy to his heart. We made a real life video on the wife making her husband relive his favorite childhood memory of receiving a Chevrolet toy car from his uncle, packed in a box. However, this time the Chevrolet car was the Trailblazer, delivered in a very large wooden Amazon box, which created such a touching nostalgic moment… the ringing of the doorbell, the excitement in the wife’s eyes as she Read more

Chevrolet takes football fan from India to United Kingdom to enjoy Manchester United experience

Fan from Hyderabad gets a once in a lifetime opportunity which money can’t buy Chevrolet today announced that it will kick start the dream journey of a Manchester United Fan from Hyderabad to Old Trafford, the home ground of the legendary football club, Manchester United. The objective of the Chevrolet Fan Cup is to celebrate the passion of Manchester United fans in India by turning their dreams into reality. The winner was selected through a Chevrolet Fan Cup Contest on Chevrolet India’s website, encouraging fans of Manchester United to answer “How Do You Celebrate after a Goal?” with a celebration picture Read more


Chevrolet Beat Diesel – Drive with InteliDrive!

Beat Diesel with InteliDriveThe Chevrolet Beat has been a winner all along, thanks to its fantastic styling, comfortable interiors and fuel efficiency. What makes the Beat even better is the fact that it comes loaded with technology that is not only aimed at improving its performance, but also the owner’s driving experience. The Chevrolet Beat Diesel has a set of unique features, clubbed as ‘InteliDrive Technology’, which make the Beat a truly unbeatable product!

Pro-Vario Assist Featherlite EPS

Pro-Vario Assist Electrical Featherlite Power Steering is designed to make maneuvering your Beat Diesel a breeze. While driving at a low speed or parking, maneuvering your car will require minimal effort. The assist levels on the steering vary at higher speeds for increased road feel and optimum vehicle control.

Advanced Insta-Torque Boost (AIB)

For faster torque build-up, the Beat Diesel comes equipped with Smart Turbocharger with vacuum activated wastegate. It gives the highest torque per liter in its segment and helps during overtaking maneuvers with quick engine RPM increase, hence providing torque on demand. This is aimed to make driving effortless with minimal downshifts while overtaking.

Intelligent Launch Support System (ILSS)

To ensure an effortless launch, especially on slopes, ILSS with Advanced Insta-Torque Boost (AIB) & Electronic Throttle has been fitted in the Beat. The Electronic Clutch Switch detects the pedal position to deliver optimum torque when starting from zero.

Smart Engine & Clutch Protection Mode (SECP)

Another feature that’s loaded on to the Beat Diesel is the Engine Protection Mode which manages engine torque and power output based on the input provided by coolant temperature and engine oil pressure sensors. High RPMs can be dangerous if they regularly exceed recommended limits, Smart Electronically Controlled Logic ensures the RPMs are maintained within the safe range in the Chevrolet Beat Diesel. The system ensures launch RPMs do not cross the 3000RPM mark. The Clutch Assembly Protection provides a smooth start to the engine and is specially designed for Indian driving conditions. It also helps improve mileage and minimizes the wear and tear on the clutch system, thus reducing maintenance costs as well.

Gas Charged Rebound Tuned Suspension (GRTS)

The Beat Diesel also features a GRT suspension which has been tuned to maximize your ride comfort and dynamic vehicle handling. The suspension has been tuned specifically for Indian roads. The wider tires give you better road grip while driving, turning and braking, ensuring safety and comfort on every drive.

And these aren’t the only features that can be found in the Chevrolet Beat. You can check out the rest here. So now tell us – Are you ready to turn on the Beat life?

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Chevrolet Cruze – A car you can depend on

Chevrolet Cruze - The “Most Dependable Car” of 2013 The almighty Chevrolet Cruze recently powered away with the award for the “Most Dependable Car” of 2013 presented by JD Power Asia Pacific. In other words, it is the premium midsize car with the least number of issues.

According to the India Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS), conducted by JD Power Asia Pacific, the Cruze stood out in its segment with a score of 191 problems per 100 vehicles compared to the segment average of 250 problems per 100 vehicles. That’s way ahead of its nearest rival Honda Civic that had 228 problems per 100 vehicles.

It’s quite remarkable to think that the Chevrolet Cruze was able to score so well considering the overall vehicle dependability averages in India increased to 280 problems per 100 vehicles from 225 problems per 100 vehicles in 2012.

So how exactly is this test conducted? Well, overall dependability is based on the number of problems reported per 100 vehicles, with a lower score reflecting higher long-term vehicle quality, according to JD Power. The study measures problems across nine vehicle categories:

  1. Vehicle exterior
  2. Driving experience
  3. Features, controls and displays
  4. Audio and entertainment
  5. Seats
  6. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  7. Vehicle interior
  8. Engine
  9. Transmission

What this means is the Chevrolet Cruze, with 166 PS of undulated power, is a sheer pleasure to drive – both on the highway and in the city. So, what do you think? Will you choose to Cruze with the most dependable vehicle in its segment?

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The Exquisite BEAT

Beat-blog-post[27]The Chevrolet Beat for me has been a real winner with its out of the box design and sports car look and feel. But I had chosen to steer clear of the Petrol/ CNG versions as I already own a CNG vehicle which is very good to drive. But diesel was a different ballgame with the Chevrolet Beat’s Diesel engine.

I was looking for a diesel hatchback for a really long time. I almost gave into another car but felt I wanted something different and new. And then the Beat diesel came and gave it to me. I started following up about the launch of the car. I went to various showrooms and test drove the car some 4 times. I also test drove other cars, but ground clearance was one of the negative aspects of the other car I was considering, so I gave up.

I started the engine (1.0 TCDI) of Chevy Beat Diesel and was waiting for the noise to sink in. There wasn’t any! Drove it further, instantly felt the turbo and boy did I get hooked. Showed the car to my wife and she liked it too. Not that she had any choice but to like it!

Exterior smooth curve – I didn’t quite like the satin roof rails and the rear spoiler. The back door handles are inspiring. The car is tall from the front and, unmistakably Chevy. The tall grille screams Chevy with its big badge bulging from the center. The small boot door, the funny rear bumper bulges from the rear invite others to kiss it! But one can’t design a car on one’s own yet! So I planned for Chevy Beat Diesel basic model and wanted to modify it on my own. I bought it in the year 2011.

Interior (space and comfort) – low but adequate seats. The buckets are nicely shaped. The dash has good space; the interior is well lit with ample pockets and spaces for cans, bottles and newspaper. Tall dashboard, is not as appealing I feel.

I find the dark grey interiors much better than the beige option provided by some other cars. In my personal opinion, the interiors of the Beat are better than most of the other cars in its price range.

Engine performance, fuel economy and gearbox all make for a zippy engine.Turbo kicks in around 2000rpm. Traveling in the city is a breeze. On the expressway, I sped to around 125 kmph and the car gave an FE (Fuel Efficiency) of approx. 22kmpl with 100% ac 90-10 highway-city usage.The EPS works amazingly well.Air-conditioning is adequate and very effective.

While driving in the city, I have never found the 3-cylinder diesel engine lacking anything. However, on one instance,on an unpaved inclined wet hilly road, I found it slightly underpowered. I think it’s being too demanding on this puny engine.

Ride Quality and Handling – The Beat just grips the road and creases out the bumps easily. The suspension is soft but solid at the same time. A down side is that I feel the steering does not centre out after negotiating a curve or turning.I am going to check with other users on the same.

Final words – Goodcar to own but,there may be users differing. But this one fits the bill perfectly and the Chevy promise says that I am to spend less than Rs 17,500/- in 3 years or 45,000 kms. What can I say? Happy with the buy!!!

Overall Build Quality: It’s quite a reliable car. Till date I have not faced any issues.

List of Mods:-

  • Bridgestone Tires 205/ 60/14
  • 14 ” Durin Alloys
  • GT Rear Spoiler
  • Roof Top Lights
  • Silver Painted Door Handles
  • Silver Painted Side Mirrors
  • Silver Painted Front Grill and Rear Panel
  • Sky Blue Headlight Tint Film
  • Philips Diamond Vision 5000 k Lamps
  • Monster Energy Red Colored Logo on the Bonnet
  • Black Carbon Fibre Sticker on Fuel Tank Lid & on Door Panels


*This review was adapted from one that was submitted to Chevrolet India by Rahul Agnihotri (http://www.facebook.com/rahul.agnihotri.9). Chevrolet does not recommend tampering with mechanical aspects of vehicles as they might hamper the warranty offered by Chevrolet India. Please consult with a Chevrolet Dealership, Authorized Service Center or the Customer Assistance Center before making any mechanical modifications to your vehicle.

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SAIL Hatchback is what you deserve

SAIL U-VAThe truth of life is that you always want to demand more from everything. A car is no different, after all, it is the second largest investment you are likely to make after a house. Autocar India, one India’s leading automobile publications, recently published a piece about things to look for in an ideal car, and the varied demands we tend to have from a car. The following are the demands you must make from the car you intend to purchase:

  • The car should look good
  • It should be fantastically comfortable
  • It should be loaded with the latest tech
  • The car should be fun to drive
  • It should give you a choice of powerful, yet frugal diesel and petrol engines
  • It should have lots of storage space
  • The car should be economical, not just to buy, but also to run and maintain
  • The car should not compromise the safety of your family and loved ones
  • It should be great value for money
  • The car should be backed by a nationwide network of service outlets, so that you can explore this country without a bother

To sum up, you want a luxury car that meets all your demands without demanding you pay for it with an arm and a leg. Sounds like a typical ‘Which car should we buy’ discussion? We figured. And yes, there is a car that meets your demands – The Chevrolet SAIL Hatchback!

To start with, the first thing you see about a car – its styling! With hawk-wing style front headlamps and chrome inserts, the Sail Hatchback hits the sweet spot as soon as you set your eyes on it. You are, however, going to be spending a major chunk of your time with the car on the inside. Harmonious dual-tone interiors coupled with a dual-cockpit design, inspired from the Corvette, give you a feeling of plush luxury every time you step into your car. The Bluetooth enabled integrated entertainment system will keep you entertained on your drives, no matter how short or long!

Not only will the Chevrolet Sail Hatchback seat 5 passengers in comfort, it will also hold your belongings like laptops, water bottles, bags and whatever else you carry with you! To add to the convenience, the Chevrolet Sail Hatchback offers power steering, power windows, power adjustable outside rearview mirrors, tilt steering, remote keyless entry and even a luggage compartment lamp. That’s a no compromise situation!

With a safety cage, side impact beams on front and rear doors, dual airbags, ABS & EBD and a child lock, the Chevrolet Sail Hatchback ticks all the boxes on safety, and then some! While the safety features will ensure you get from point A to B safely, the SMARTECH Diesel & Petrol engines on offer in the Chevrolet Sail Hatchback will get you there without stopping at the fuel station very often, while ensuring a smooth and powerful drive. To complement the performance of the engine, there is the fantastic handling and suspension, which will keep you happy not only over bad roads, but also on twisty highways!

The icing on the cake is the Chevrolet Promise and Warranty. While the former will ensure you have minimal running costs over a 3 year/45,000km (whichever earlier) period, the best-in-class 3 year/100,000km warranty will ensure you have peace of mind from the day you take delivery of your car! Is it any wonder that the Chevrolet Sail Hatchback was the most awarded car in its segment?

To check out the Autocar India Special Project on the Chevrolet Sail Hatback, head to http://goo.gl/gKo66  and then check out the Chevrolet SAIL U-VA Hatchback  http://goo.gl/CKUeo. Remember, demand more!

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Chevrolet Enjoy is as safe as it gets

Enjoy Cage BlogChevrolet Enjoy is safety uncompromised

We, at Chevrolet, give safety a lot of priority. We put in hours of hard work and conduct extensive and meticulous examinations with state-of-the-art technology so that the Chevrolet you drive is as safe as a cocoon. And the spacious new Enjoy is no exception when it comes to this.

The Chevrolet Enjoy has a “Safe Cage” body structure which is supported by across-the-board use of high-strength steel that provides a degree of rigidity and stability for the vehicle.

Enjoy also comes with long-members that are welded to the front and rear floor, thus resulting in an advanced hybrid chassis. This gives the car rigidity, adds strength to the ladder frame and refinement to the monocoque chassis.

But that’s not all! Extra crumple zones have been integrated in the overall design of the Enjoy to absorb impact in the event of a collision. In addition to this, there are 10 high strength anti-collision beams, which disperse the impact energy in different directions and increase the safety of passengers.

There you go! Not only is the Chevrolet Enjoy big on space and comfort, but a “Safe Cage” body structure, along with ABS + EBD and dual airbags, make it one of the safest MPVs available in the Indian market today. So when are you booking your Enjoy?

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Chevrolet Beat wins yet again

Beat Design Award ImageThe Chevrolet Beat, India’s most fuel efficient diesel hatchback, just cannot stop winning admiration from experts in the automobile industry.

The compact little city car was recently awarded at the India Design Mark – 2013. The award is a tribute to the fact that Beat offers the best to its customers when it comes to product design. This is just one of the features that make this vehicle such a winner and one of the leading hatchbacks in the country today. This surely is a testament to just how good a car it really is!

The India Design Mark is a design standard which signifies excellence in form, functionality, quality, safety, sustainability and innovation in a product. Along with these, it also communicates that it is usable, durable, aesthetically appealing and socially responsible.

The specialists are already impressed with the Chevrolet Beat. Now, it’s your turn. Head down to your nearest dealer and take it for a spin. We’re sure you’ll love it!

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Chevrolet Enjoy Launched!

Enjoy Launch Blog ImageFeel the buzz and energy around? Well, that’s because the Chevrolet Enjoy has finally hit the road. And you have every reason to be excited!

Chevrolet’s latest technological marvel has been unveiled at a spectacular ceremony. After endless man-hours of comprehensive research and meticulous attention to detail, we are proud to present the game-changing MPV.

Designed to provide room for all your dreams and aspirations, with 2nd and 3rd row seats having ample leg room, head room and shoulder space, the Enjoy promises fantastic drives every time. And when you add premium features like Theatre Style Seating, Height Adjustable Driver Seat and Standard Dual AC, you’re all set to be pampered in one of the most spacious and comfortable cars in its segment.

Space is not the only characteristic of the Chevrolet Enjoy that will leave you awe-struck. With features like the Chevrolet Gold Bowtie in the Chrome Surround Three-dimensional Grille and Leaf Style Fog Lamps, its classy yet dynamic styling will surely get heads turning.

And there’s more! With an option of the 1.4l SMARTECH Petrol Engine or the 1.3l SMARTECH Turbocharged DOHC Diesel Engine, you have the power to stay ahead of the rest.

So whether it’s a zippy drive in the city or a leisurely getaway to your favorite destination, every journey will be a memorable one in the Chevrolet Enjoy. So hurry up, book your test drive today and experience the Enjoy-ment first hand. All at the starting price of Rs. 5.49 lakhs*.

We’re also delighted to announce the success of the Chevrolet Enjoy Voyage Contest which saw enthusiastic participation from all across the country. The grand prize, a brand new Chevrolet Enjoy, was won by Mr. Krishna Prasath from Coimbatore. Congratulations on your new car!


*Ex-showroom price Delhi

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Chevrolet SAIL charms its way to 7000

SAIL reaches 7000Chevrolet SAIL – the car, the style, the legacy. 7000 bookings in just a few weeks, points to only one thing – SAIL Sedan has indeed redefined style and taken it to the next level. After a much hyped launch, the excitement around the car has not waned. Just goes to show that style and sophistication have universal appeal!

Corvette inspired Dual-Cockpit Design, ‘Rising Sun’ style instrument cluster are just some of the all-time stylish interior features that will leave you enthralled. A ‘Safe Cage’ design structure, High Strength Steel body, and a host of other safety features will keep you and your passengers protected and sheltered at all times. Add to this the luxury of Ample Legroom, Rear Seat Armrest and Bluetooth® Streaming, and you know that the Chevrolet SAIL takes comfort and convenience to a whole other level. The 1.3L SMARTECH Turbocharged Diesel Engine and 1.2L SMARTECH Petrol Engine gives the power and mileage to drive down the road in comfort and ease.

With so much style, elegance and power on offer, the Chevrolet SAIL Sedan is surely setting the benchmark for things to come. So go ahead, book a test drive today and experience class and luxury on a whole new level.

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Chevrolet Spark wins again

JD Power AwardChevrolet Spark, the compact and spacious hatchback, has reaffirmed its status as one of the most loved cars in the Indian market. Little surprise, it recently came out tops at the India APEAL Study conducted by J.D. Powers.

The Spark ranked highest along with the Maruti Suzuki Estilo in the “Compact Car Segment” with a total score of 837. According to the car owners, it performs particularly well in the audio / entertainment / navigation and driving dynamics categories. The 2-Din music system with an integrated CD / MP3 Player comes with a USB port and auxiliary input jack letting you play your favourite music on the go. Power steering allows you to control the car with effortless ease. All of which makes the Spark a pleasure to drive in the city and is equally efficient on the highway as well.

The India APEAL Study, now in its 14th year, is an owner-reported measure of vehicles in India concerning the design, features, layout and performance of their car during the first two months of ownership. The study measures satisfaction across 10 performance categories with the vehicles being marked on an index score based on a 1,000-point scale, with the highest score indicating higher satisfaction.


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Chevrolet Cruze Powers Away with Two Awards

Award_headerTo say Chevrolet had a stellar 2012 would be a sheer understatement. The reintroduced Chevrolet Cruze effortlessly strolled its way to the top of the bunch and bagged two very prestigious automotive awards. With unmatched power on offer, customers were left with their adrenaline rush fixed.

Autocar India honoured the Cruze by pronouncing it their ‘Best Variant of the Year’. The highly reputed magazine was truly impressed with the diesel version which gave uncharacteristic mileage for a car in its class.

Vicky.in, the popular automobile web portal, gave the Chevrolet Cruze the title of ‘Performance Car of the Year’. As the title suggests, performance was a big draw for the fans who voted at the People’s Choice Car and Bike Awards. With unmatched power on demand, customers looking for something to get their pulse racing certainly got what they were looking for and much more. The spacious and luxurious interiors also received high praise.

Chevrolet is always looking to give their customers something that will help them stand out from the rest. The Cruze delivered on that promise and has rightly been praised from all corners of the automobile industry. And we look forward to introducing more top quality vehicles in the coming year.

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