Lead the Way with Chevrolet Trailblazer

With the Chevrolet Trailblazer, it does not matter if you are on city roads or on an adventurous trip to the rocky hill roads, you will truly feel like a king. The comfortable ride with embrace of luxurious interiors, the rugged 7 seat Trailblazer also provides ample space for baggage, powerful class 2.8L Duramax diesel engine (with 147kW of power and 500 Nm torque) and keep you well above the others. You will fall in love with the sleek exteriors designed magnificently to please with just the right mix of chrome, sharp lines and flared arches. Yet, it exudes Read more

Your Perfect Partner, Chevrolet Beat 2016

In this day and age of high stress levels and competitive environment one looks for fun, comfort and peace of mind wherever it can be found. It can be nerve wracking driving in the mad traffic of big cities for your job all day, or driving distances in the evening to a networking event! What’s the solution? Get into a Chevrolet Beat 2016, it’s an efficient and fun car! The pleasure and ease of driving this small car is what normally comes in sedans. The amazing pick-up of the car with the advanced insta-torque boost, the steering mounted audio controls Read more

The story of the Chevrolet Trailblazer launch in India

The Chevrolet Trailblazer became a part of a love story… about a wife who wants to do something different in return for her husband’s niceness, something that would bring joy to his heart. We made a real life video on the wife making her husband relive his favorite childhood memory of receiving a Chevrolet toy car from his uncle, packed in a box. However, this time the Chevrolet car was the Trailblazer, delivered in a very large wooden Amazon box, which created such a touching nostalgic moment… the ringing of the doorbell, the excitement in the wife’s eyes as she Read more

Chevrolet takes football fan from India to United Kingdom to enjoy Manchester United experience

Fan from Hyderabad gets a once in a lifetime opportunity which money can’t buy Chevrolet today announced that it will kick start the dream journey of a Manchester United Fan from Hyderabad to Old Trafford, the home ground of the legendary football club, Manchester United. The objective of the Chevrolet Fan Cup is to celebrate the passion of Manchester United fans in India by turning their dreams into reality. The winner was selected through a Chevrolet Fan Cup Contest on Chevrolet India’s website, encouraging fans of Manchester United to answer “How Do You Celebrate after a Goal?” with a celebration picture Read more


Lowell Paddock interviewed by Auto Tech Review

Paddock Interview ImageMr. Lowell Paddock, President & Managing Director, General Motors India, has been part of GM since 1992, and over the years has used his expert skills to guide GM India to great success. He recently sat down for an interview with Aprit Mahendra from Auto Tech Review Magazine to discuss all things Chevrolet, the SAIL Sedan and the recently launched Enjoy.

Here are some of his thoughts on various topics:

On technical capabilities of the technical centre: “They work on various areas such as powertrain design, interior trim design and supporting our manufacturing engineering activities all around General Motors International Operations (GMIO)… They also support markets outside India.”

On new vehicle programs and product strategy: “Our product portfolio in India consists of three major pillars. One is a completely local product that makes sense only in the Indian market… The next sets of vehicles are global programmes, which consist of vehicles such as the Cruze, Beat and Spark in the portfolio… The third are our partner programmes like the SAIL and Enjoy.”

On Talegaon powertrain facility: “The facility is India’s first to have a flexible line, which can produce petrol and diesel engines at the same time… Given the frequent oscillations in the market in the past 18 months or so, the flexible nature of the plant has been a great asset to us.”

On plans to make technology cost effective in India: “We’re already working on vehicle lightweighting, improving engine technology, cost effective add-ons such as start/stop and other things that can be done to reduce friction.”

Mr. Paddock had a lot to speak about and shared his knowledge on various other topics as well. You can read the entirety of this insightful interview in Auto Tech Review Magazine. Or you can click on the link provided.


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Rajesh Singh speaks to Impact Magazine

Rajesh Singh Interview ImageWith years of experience to count on, Rajesh Singh, Vice President – Sales, Marketing & After Sales, General Motors India, has been the driving force of Chevrolet India. In a recent interview with Simran Sabherwal from automotive publication – Impact Magazine, Mr. Singh answered all about Chevrolet and the company’s plans for the future.

Speaking about the marketing mix and digital platform, Mr. Singh said, “The idea is to create as many consumer delight points as possible.” And that “It is no longer just about the clichéd four P’s of marketing”, but the focus needs to be on “Other aspects such as on ground experience and quality of training we give our employees to ensure a delightful consumer experience.”

Mr. Singh also gave us an insight into the pricing strategy adopted by the company saying, “We believe in creating and offering value to consumers across segments and are extremely value competitive in segments where we are present.”

During the course of the interview Mr. Singh was asked about the challenges one faces in the Indian market considering how competitive it is. He went on to state that “GM sees great potential in India” and that “We operate under the principle that we build where we sell.”

On the company’s association with global sports franchise Manchester United and how he tends to use its popularity in India, Mr. Singh, spoke about the recently held Manchester United party with footballer David May gracing the occasion and that the company is looking to extend this association to cricket as well.

This interview gives our customers and fans an insight as to how GM conducts itself and what might be in store for the future. To read the full discussion, you can click on the link provided here


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Tips to reduce car pollution

Tips to reduce pollutionWith World Environment Day being witnessed around the world, we, at Chevrolet, would like to give you a few tips on how to reduce the pollution produced by your car.


Regular Maintenance

A regularly serviced car with clean and well-oiled engine improves the mileage of the vehicle. Thus, the engine needs to be tuned regularly along with an oil change. Tyre pressure should be checked and maintained so as to reduce unnecessary pressure on the engine.


Stay within speed limits

Rapid changes in speed, sudden brakes and changing direction, is a dangerous and an expensive driving habit. Apart from increasing the chances of a serious accident, it also puts pressure on the engine, reducing mileage and increasing pollution. Breathe deeply while you let your engine idle so as to calm your nerves and prepare yourself for the journey ahead. This helps you focus and keep your mind alert.


Keeping your vehicle clean

Regularly washing your car helps keep dirt and dust out of your engine, thus reducing oil consumption and prolonging the life of the engine.

Also, try to avoid carrying around unnecessary luggage in your car as this increases the load on your engine, reducing mileage and increasing pollution caused by the vehicle.


These simple tips can go a long way in helping reduce your carbon footprint. And if you really feel like helping out, following these pointers wouldn’t be hard.


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Be an environment friendly driver

Fuel-gauge blog imageIn just a few simple steps you can do your bit for the environment. A little care can transform you into an eco-friendly driver and save you hundreds of Rupees in fuel costs.


  • A properly tuned engine that has passed the emission test will improve fuel economy by about 4%.
  • Check the tyre pressure. An appropriately inflated tyre can reduce fuel consumption due to decreased roll resistance – in fact according to some estimates you can improve fuel economy by more than 3%.
  • Replace a clogged or dirty air filter – it will improve your car’s fuel economy by as much as 10 %.
  • If you own more than one car, drive the one that gives the best fuel efficiency.
  • Use the recommended grade of engine oil – it can improve your fuel economy by 1-2 %.
  • Place items inside the boot whenever possible to improve your fuel economy. Avoid carrying items on your vehicle’s roof as a loaded roof increases aerodynamic drag and can lower fuel efficiency.
  • Travel light. Avoid carrying unnecessary items, especially heavy ones. Extra weight means increased fuel consumption.


  • Use the right gears at appropriate speeds and move to the highest gear once you are cruising. This lowers engine speed, saves fuel, and reduces engine wear. Refer to your owner’s manual for precise information on shifting gears.
  • Sudden starts and stops, jumping lanes, sudden acceleration – it doesn’t just make you more susceptible to accidents, it also wastes fuel and lowers fuel economy by as much as 33%.
  • If you’re stopping for more than a minute, switch off the engine because your car will be burning fuel while going nowhere.
  • Don’t speed! Your fuel economy declines rapidly when you drive above 70 kmph.



  • If you have office colleagues who live nearby – carpool! It cuts weekly fuel costs and reduces wear and tear on your car too!
  • Plan ahead, combine errands. Yes, you may have heard all these before – but they can cut emissions and save fuel.
  • If possible, avoid peak rush hours. You’ll spend less time sitting in traffic, burn less fuel, and avoid stress as well.
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Delhi To Mussoorie Roadtrip Travel Log

MountainsWhen Delhi gets hot, the clever get going!

For those living in the capital, on the weekends in the searing heat, most roads lead to Mussoorie. Though just 283 kms away from each other, the climate is radically different. While Delhi simmers, Mussoorie has a soft, cool breeze that is all set to greet you!

There are two routes that you can take to reach this tranquil hill station in the state of Uttaranchal. While the first goes via Dehradun, the other will be slightly longer, going through Haridwar and Rishikesh.

While fog can be reasonably dense in the winters, summers are pleasant.  Try to start early in the morning so that you can cross Meerut by 7.30 a.m. and avoid the build-up of traffic. The roads are fairly well laid out and umpteen dhabas and restaurants lie along the way.

However, the best idea is to eat in Delhi, before you start out. Once you’ve crossed Meerut, the routes will split and you can make a decision based on the time at hand.

Once you’re there, you have plenty to see and experience in this alpine wonderland. You can visit the newly developed Lake Mist and Mussoorie Lake if you feel like doing a bit of boating. For those who like a little history, there’s the Sir George Everest house and Cloud End. But let’s not spoil the fun. Why don’t you discover some places for yourself! There’s a lot to visit.

As a matter of safety, please try to drive during the day because the roads are not very safe during the night. Additionally, lack of proper lighting might hamper your speed.

Ensure that your vehicle is in serviced condition because though the distance isn’t too much, it can get rough on your vehicle, given the terrain.

So pack up. Rev up. And get going! Beat the heat!

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Chevrolet lends a helping hand at Sankalp School

Sankalp1Disha, the women’s council founded by the female employees of GM India Headquarters at Gurgaon, recently made an effort to educate and help children who do not have means to proper education. Members from the team took it upon themselves, not only to teach the students of Sankalp School, but also cleaned and washed the classrooms as a kind gesture.

Apart from these efforts, Team Disha put up banners and posters regarding road safety and traffic rules inside each classroom and also placed wall-clocks in them. In all these activities, they were enthusiastically supported by Sankalp, an NGO working to give underprivileged children a chance to become successful in life.

Commenting on the initiative, President and MD, GM India, Mr. Lowell Paddock said, “As part of society, it is very important that we develop sensitivities towards such grave issues faced by others and make contributions as per our capabilities for the betterment of the underprivileged members of our society. Children are the future and it’s our duty to nurture them and educate them so that tomorrow we have a more enlightened and healthy society.”

GM India has been involved in a number of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities since its establishment. These include renovating and repairing shelters and houses for the economically challenged, hosting road safety awareness programs, mobility and philanthropy-related activities, community development programs, AIDS awareness drives and others in and around the plants at Talegaon and Bangalore.

We, at Chevrolet, are proud of Disha and together promise to keep working so that the less fortunate have a brighter tomorrow.

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Mumbai to Goa Road Trip Travel Log

goa-blogTotal Distance: 550 kilometers (Approximately)

Travel Time: 9 hours (Approximately)

Welcome to the land of no schedules!

Sandy beaches. Soaring tides. Country music. Shacks. Gourmet cuisine. And a perpetual air of anticipation. That’s the magic of Goa. It’s the perfect retreat when you want to escape the maddening city life. Little wonder then that Goa has become the favourite weekend destination for people from the financial capital of India – Mumbai, a quintessential megalopolis.

What makes Goa an even more sought-after destination is the drive.

Making a turn from Panvel, the most picturesque route you can take is the NH-17. While the birds do an aerial ballet to welcome you and the trees sway, in perfect synchronization, an entirely new aspect of nature!

The little towns on the way, Kolad, Indapur and Mangaon, make the drive a lot more convenient, with facilities such as ATMs and stores to stock up on everything you may need.

Once past these towns, it’s back to the road. A number of little food joints dot the road and most of them have surprisingly good food! Once here, you can sit down, stretch your legs and basically, take a break. Because very soon you’ll be in the land of strawberries, Mahabaleshwar. Bright red and delicious. That’s the kind of strawberries you find here.

After you’ve devoured your fill of strawberries and packed up enough, get set for Kashedi Ghat, arguably the most scenic ghat on the entire journey. Stop over for a bit and take in a whiff of the fresh air and a long gaze at the visual delight. But don’t get too lost because it’s getting dark and you need to find a place to stay.

The de facto place for travelers is Chiplun. Cozy and comfortable. But if you want to spend the night in the arms of nature, head to Sangameshwar. Get a good night’s rest and start early the next day for a journey that’s a delight behind the wheel. Winding roads with stupendous views with raging torrents and gentle streams rushing alongside.

Staying on course you’ll reach a little town called Kudal. Once here, take a detour to Tarkali beach. From here, through the inner roads, Goa is about 100 kms. This last leg of your journey will take you on fairly deserted roads that run next to the coast. Before you know it, you’ll be in Goa!

Glorious cathedrals and stories attached to them will make your jaws drop. And if you’re a foodie, welcome to paradise! The variety is mind boggling! From pure non-vegetarians to absolute vegetarians, there something to make everyone’s mouth water. But if you’re the kind that neither has an interest in history nor  love for food, Goa still offers a choice of an eternally buzzing party circuit and lazy days on beach beds.

In fact, such is the popularity of the destination that there have been three films named after it. The first was a 1972 production called Bombay to Goa, starring the legendary Amitabh Bachchan, Mehmood and Aruna Irani. The second, a namesake of the first was released in 2007 and featured Sunil Pal, Vijay Raaz and Asrani. And the third, recently released Go Goa Gone.

So if you haven’t been to Goa yet, you really should. And if you already have, then you know it’s a place that demands another visit. Either way, the weekend is approaching. So pack up and get going! Happy driving!


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Chevrolet India empowers Women

Self DefenseDisha, an exclusive all-women group at the Chevrolet India headquarters, recently got together and organized a ‘Self Defence’ initiative to train women on how to boost self defence techniques. The one day program was held especially to teach situational awareness in these crucial times where safety is the utmost requirement.

Among the things that were taught were how to protect oneself in a moving vehicle apart from techniques on how to apply chokes and holds in panic situations. In case of a knife or gun attack, how to defend oneself was also inculcated.

The enthusiasm shown by the ladies was inspiring – with many keen to pass on these tips to others. At Chevrolet, Disha, is established and looked after entirely by our women employees. They organize activities throughout the year relating to their empowerment, safety and other issues. With some incredible work being done and with full support of all Chevrolet India employees, the initiative was a roaring success.

Chevrolet has always been proud of their women employees and seeing them take such an initiative has been truly overwhelming. So, stay safe and stay protected.

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Chevrolet celebrates with Manchester United

Man U Blog Image Ver5What a night! What an occasion! A euphoric time for everyone present at the exclusive Manchester United #IAMUNITED party held at Blue Frog, New Delhi on Sunday, May 12, 2013. It isn’t just a football club rather a cult that has thrived for over a century. It doesn’t have fans, it has fanatics. It’s the world’s most popular sports team – Manchester United. As the official automotive partner for Manchester United, we are proud to be the driving force behind this legendary outfit. We, at Chevrolet, take pride in our association with Manchester United, and celebrating the club’s victory of the Barclay’s Premier League title on May 12, 2013 was a great moment for us!

A match to be won. A trophy to be lifted. And two legends set to bid adieu to the world of football. The stage was set for an extraordinary night. Chevrolet, held a hugely popular online quiz to select 30 recipients of 10 VIP and 50 standard passes to the exclusive party held by Manchester United to celebrate the occasion. The contest was closely contested and the select winners got to join the fun and excitement.  It was an evening filled with revelry and the army of Red Devil supporters packed the place to capacity.

As if celebrating the Barclays Premier League victory with a group of Manchester United fans wasn’t enough, Manchester United legend, David May, joined us to celebrate in Delhi. The highlight of the night was David May revealing a replica of the Barclay’s Premier League trophy which he pulled out from the newly launched Chevrolet Enjoy. The fans grabbed the opportunity to be photographed with the legend and the trophy.

This spectacular night reached another highpoint when Manchester United scored in the dying minutes of the match, a fitting tribute to one of the greatest managers the game has ever seen, Sir Alex Ferguson.

The mood was electric and the fans partied like true champions. The 30 lucky winners of the Chevrolet Manchester United Fan Party Contest had the time of their lives and went back with memories that they will cherish forever – just like us!

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Party with the champions of England

Man U Post Image20th English league title – 13th Premier League Title – one team – Manchester United!

After a closely fought campaign last season, Manchester United did what they do better than anyone – bounced back and reclaimed what a city thought was theirs for keeping. We, at Chevrolet, are proud to be the official automotive partners of the 2012-2013 Barclays Premier League Champions.

With the trophy set to be presented on 12th May at Old Trafford after the match against Swansea City, there’s only one thing left to do for Red Devils fans – party.

We’re giving you the chance to be part of this historic moment and revel in the glory of this magnificent club! There are 60 free passes to be won for the #IAMUNITED party at Blue Frog, New Delhi on 12th May. And guess what? Apart from a night full of swashbuckling fun, you also get to meet United legend Dwight Yorke.

All you have to do is answer a few questions about your favourite football club and you could be one of the lucky few to be part of this fun extravaganza.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Chevrolet India’s Manchester United Application and participate now! If you’re a die-hard Manchester United fan, this party is the place to be at.

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