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Car security is an essential step that every car owner must ensure. Owning a car is expensive and most people have important paperwork, money, car accessories and personal items that are carried around in their vehicles. Every day threats of theft and/or vandalism may do great harm to the owner. To ensure that your car is safe when you’re not around it, you may keep the following steps in mind:

• Always double check the doors and windows, even if you use a remote lock for your car.
• Always park near any place that you visit. Make sure that you choose a parking lot. If there’s no parking lot, park in a well-lit public area.
• Park carefully. Watch out for things like dry leaves, grass etc. that could ignite on touching hot parts of your car’s underbelly.
• Keep all belongings in the glove box of your car or carry them with you. Do not leave them in plain sight, in your car.
• Always leave your car with the engine off, even if it is for just a short while.
• Never leave a spare key to your car in a supposed ‘blind’ spot. Always carry one on you in person
• Record and keep the key number plate of your car in a safe place, not in the vehicle. This deters unauthorized access to a duplicate key. (The key number is stamped on the key number plate.)
• Take a snapshot of your vehicle identification number (VIN), registration plate number, and title certificate number and email them to yourself – the easiest storage option

Such simple steps ensure that you are always alert about your car’s security against theft. Invest in anti-theft alarms, gear and steering locks to make doubly sure that your vehicle is safe. You may also invest in GPS tracking software and other technology that keeps you personally updated about the security of your car. Be cautious, stay aware and have a safe drive, always!

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