Be an environment friendly driver

Fuel-gauge blog imageIn just a few simple steps you can do your bit for the environment. A little care can transform you into an eco-friendly driver and save you hundreds of Rupees in fuel costs.


  • A properly tuned engine that has passed the emission test will improve fuel economy by about 4%.
  • Check the tyre pressure. An appropriately inflated tyre can reduce fuel consumption due to decreased roll resistance – in fact according to some estimates you can improve fuel economy by more than 3%.
  • Replace a clogged or dirty air filter – it will improve your car’s fuel economy by as much as 10 %.
  • If you own more than one car, drive the one that gives the best fuel efficiency.
  • Use the recommended grade of engine oil – it can improve your fuel economy by 1-2 %.
  • Place items inside the boot whenever possible to improve your fuel economy. Avoid carrying items on your vehicle’s roof as a loaded roof increases aerodynamic drag and can lower fuel efficiency.
  • Travel light. Avoid carrying unnecessary items, especially heavy ones. Extra weight means increased fuel consumption.


  • Use the right gears at appropriate speeds and move to the highest gear once you are cruising. This lowers engine speed, saves fuel, and reduces engine wear. Refer to your owner’s manual for precise information on shifting gears.
  • Sudden starts and stops, jumping lanes, sudden acceleration – it doesn’t just make you more susceptible to accidents, it also wastes fuel and lowers fuel economy by as much as 33%.
  • If you’re stopping for more than a minute, switch off the engine because your car will be burning fuel while going nowhere.
  • Don’t speed! Your fuel economy declines rapidly when you drive above 70 kmph.



  • If you have office colleagues who live nearby – carpool! It cuts weekly fuel costs and reduces wear and tear on your car too!
  • Plan ahead, combine errands. Yes, you may have heard all these before – but they can cut emissions and save fuel.
  • If possible, avoid peak rush hours. You’ll spend less time sitting in traffic, burn less fuel, and avoid stress as well.
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  1. akhilesh

    Thanks for this!
    -one of the happy customers of yours!

  2. Ace

    The Tyre pressure bit is really important as i have personally felt the increase in my beat diesel’s FE ..

  3. Madhu GC

    Excellant Info

  4. Vipin

    This meter console made me to own a chevy Beat. Later I realized It worth, than other models in the same segment. 1.2 L Petrol Engine without Knocking, costs below 4 lks, with an average fuel consumption of 17.9-18.3 km/l @ 60-75 km/hr & 8.4km/l @135 km/hr…

  5. Harsh singh

    Thanks for sharing. Its a list that every driver must go through.


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