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articles3When the Cruze was built, an ordinary drive was the last thing on the mind of its engineers. It was packaged to deliver an experience which would only be limited by your imagination. It was a car designed to Cruze.
The Cruze nameplate refers to a globally developed, designed and manufactured four door compact sedan, which was complemented by a five-door hatchback body variant. The journey of the car can be traced back to the Tokyo Motor Show of 1999, where it was launched as the YGM1 Concept. The production Chevrolet Cruze was finally revealed by GM in October 2001, with Japanese sales commencing the following month. With a decade of engineering and a number of facelifts later, the Cruze is set to breathe fire down the backs of its competition, in its latest avatar.
The car is stylish and definitely intimidating. The broad shoulders, chiseled frame, wide track and long wheelbases speak of an automobile that is both bold and sporty. The dual bezel headlamps are adequate to light up every adventure that you undertake on it, while delivering distinctive style. Split design tail lamps ensure that your car stands at the front of the league, even from the back. 16” alloy wheels conquer any road they are set on. The new stylish chrome grille with the golden bowtie seals the promise of absolute power that comes along with the Cruze.
Accompanied by turbo-charged intelligence, the Cruze is a perfectionist. The commanding 2.0 l VCDi diesel engine is testimony to its muscle power. The car is nifty for its solid build and size. Blame it on the 6-speed Automatic Transmission that delivers superb gearshifts without any visible loss of power and momentum. The sixth gear maximizes fuel economy at cruising speed, restoring the power right at your fingertips. McPherson strut-type front suspension balances your car, bestowing handling agility, which results in a better and quitter performance. At the back, the U-shaped rear suspension with torsion beams and gas charged shock absorbers ensure that your ride is smooth, comfortable and de-stressing.
The Cruze embraced the racing circuit in 2009 and took the entire community by storm. It started with Yvan Muller grabbing the 2010 championship title and occupying all three top positions in 2011. The race version car packs a 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline engine developing 230 kilowatts (310 PS) and 335 NM (247 lb·ft) of torque, making it an automobile which sets new standards in car racing.
The 2012 championship has had Yvan Muller, Alain Menu and Robert Huff occupy 1st, 2nd and 4th position, reinforcing the reign of the unbeatable Cruze.
The Chevrolet Cruze comes in a series of eight scintillating metallic shades, making it a reflection of your style. Even while standing, it has the potential to turn every other car green with envy. Thanks to its dynamic coupe-like proportions and signature robust front grille, the Cruze inspires admiration like no other. With the Cruze, you get only one option; you embrace a champion.
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Alloy Wheels

For most people a car is probably one of their most significant possessions. So much time and research goes into deciding the color and model; and once the final decision is made, all of us will want to jazz it up with accessories and fittings.

For any car, alloy wheels are like a custom made suit replacing one that was bought off the rack. They dramatically transform the appearance of any motorized vehicle. With the variety of designs available in the market, it’s easy to select one that will enhance the looks of your car. This simple addition can make an old car look almost as good as new or provide it with a whole new appearance. However, alloy wheels are not just about cosmetic solutions or mere window dressing. They fulfill a functional role too.

An alloy wheel is lightweight in comparison to a steel wheel. It’s made from a combination of aluminum and small amounts of other metals like magnesium, which are added to strengthen the wheel. That’s why even though the material is light, it is by no means flimsy. In fact, alloy wheels actually make your car perform better. This lighter set of wheels improves handling by reducing unsprung mass, allowing the suspension to follow the road more closely and thus improve grip. A lighter rotating mass also translates into more fuel efficiency. As for the gaps or open design that these wheels have, these too serve a purpose; they bring on a faster brake cooling. For the lay person – this means that your brake performance is at its optimum. A handy feature in our urban, start-stop traffic situations.

When you buy alloy wheels make sure to purchase them from an original equipment manufacturer or a reputable automobile dealer. Getting your car professionally fitted would ensure that factors like pitch circle diameter, bore measurements and the like are taken into consideration to guarantee that the alloy or mag wheels you’ve bought will work according to their purpose. A botched fit or a mismatched pattern of nuts to your PCD will cause unnecessary wear and tear.

Some automobile companies like Chevrolet have a range of striking alloy wheels for each of their car models. It makes perfect sense to get these custom-made wheels fitted on your car. They not only enhance the all-important aesthetic appeal but also improve the mileage and the steering feel of the car due to their lightness.

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Car Maintenance Tips For Summer

Summer’s here and for a majority of Indians it means soaring temperatures and oppressive heat. It’s also the time when the long winding roads beckon you to your favorite hill stations or a weekend break to the nearest mountains. Either way, you will need to have your car in top shape, because just as you get affected with rising temperatures, so does your car. So it’s important that you take some simple steps to make driving in the summers a safe and enjoyable experience.

Here are some tips to help you keep your cool.

Service your vehicle
In hot climates, you car needs special care. Checking on your oil quality and levels as well as fan belt checks are a must. Also, batteries dry up faster in the heat, so make sure you top them up.

Check your tyres
Driving in the summer heat increases the pressure in tyres, so do ensure they are in good condition. Tyres that are excessively worn, need immediate replacement. Don’t forget to get your tyres inflated to the correct pressure as recommended in your car manual and be sure your spare tyre is ready for a quick change.

Check your airconditioning
In summer, your car air-conditioner has to work a lot harder. Ensure that your AC gas is topped up. the cooling coil washed and cleaned and the vents and ducts unclogged, so that you won’t have to sit in the sweltering heat with no airconditioning.

Park in the shade
As much as possible, do try and park in a shaded spot. If you can’t find a suitable spot, do try and park in a place where the sun won’t fall directly on the car all day.

Tinted windows or sunshades
The steering wheel and dashboard tend to heat up quickly. Using a certified window tint can reduce the heat as well as cutting done on harmful UV rays. You can also use removable sunshades for your side and front windshields, especially for long road trips.

Do remember you can keep your car almost like new with proper service and timely maintenance all the year around. The Chevrolet Promise offers our customers a one-time subsidized payment to avail free maintenance & service for the 3 years or 45,000 kilometers, whichever is earlier. It not only ensures the lowest possible cost of ownership and maintenance, but also covers all periodic maintenance services and running repairs including wear and tear of parts like clutch, brake pads, wipers, etc., keeping your car running like new for years to come.

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Chevrolet journeys into the blogosphere

For a hundred years, and more, Chevrolet has been manufacturing iconic cars that have caught the attention of motoring aficionados and users, alike. Right from the first Series C Classic Six to the latest Volt.
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