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Transforming Lives with the One World Futbol

Transforming Lives with the One World Futbol

From reducing the stigma of HIV/AIDS in Lesotho to mobilizing youth in Liberia. From empowering young girls in Nepal to helping train a country’s future football team in Indonesia. From educating rural townships in South Africa to healing amputees through play in Sierra Leone. The One World Futbol has impacted nearly 18 million youth in just three years. And partnering with this force and formidable achievement is Chevrolet.
As the founding sponsor of One World Futbol Project, Chevrolet has made a three-year commitment to donate and support the distribution of 1.5 million One World Futbols to organizations working with youth in war-stricken zones, refugee camps, disaster areas and other disadvantaged communities around the world. Chevrolet and One World Futbol Project share the belief that football can bring people together and change lives through the power of play. Since the beginning of our collaboration in May 2012, Chevrolet and One World Futbol Project have already delivered more than 500,000 One World Futbols across five continents.

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One World Futbol Project Changes the Lives of Youth Across the World


Who could have ever imagined that a bunch of kids playing with a ball of trash tied up with strings in Darfur and Tim Jahnigen watching news footage of the game would spark the brilliant idea of the One World Futbol? But it did. Inspired by the children’s indestructible spirit, Tim resolved to create a ball that could withstand the harsh conditions faced by youth living in refugee camps, disaster areas and other disadvantaged communities.

Tim set out to design a ball that played like a soccer ball, but would never need a pump and never go flat – even when punctured multiple times. His idea remained in the concept stage until his friend, the world‐renowned entertainer Sting heard Tim’s vision for the ball, and provided the initial funding to do develop a prototype.

In recognition of Sting’s crucial, early support, the name of the ball and the company are based on the song “One World,” written by Sting.

Hear the story of the One World Futbol from Sting and Tim.

It all started in Rwanda in 2009, when 100 of the first prototype One World Futbols were delivered to an organization called Espérance, which works to help bridge gaps in the community through education and social programs focused around football. The durability of the 100 balls given back in 2009 helped the organization save valuable resources as they no longer had to purchase 1,000 regular footballs for their efforts.

Since that early delivery, One World Futbol Project has shipped nearly 600,000 One World Futbols across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, with a mission to bring the healing power of play to youth living in disadvantaged communities worldwide. The company has helped change entire nations like Liberia, bringing play, recess and athletic programs back to schools after a 20-year absence. It has brought the power of play to orphanages and schools in the most rural and poorest regions of Thailand. And, the One World Futbol has helped girls find their voices in places like Kenya, where women have very few rights.

From that initial moment of inspiration through today, the nearly indestructible One World Futbol has reached more than 160 countries and impacted nearly 18 million youth in just three years.

Watch the impact of the One World Futbol around the world.

In May 2012, Chevrolet announced a three-year partnership with One World Futbol Project that pledges to place 1.5 million One World Futbols with youth in war-stricken zones, refugee camps, disaster areas, and other underprivileged communities around the world.  To date, Chevrolet-branded One World Futbols have been distributed across five continents impacting millions of children.

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5 easy ways to make your brakes last longer

5 easy ways to make your brakes last longer
If you have just bought your dream car and you wish to keep it in its best condition, you must take care of the brakes in your car. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
● Avoid speeding: You must take care of the speed you are driving your car. Speeding puts more strain on your brakes. The brakes at high speed turn energy into heat which damages the brakes. Drive at the authorised speed limit and your brakes shall last you much longer.
● Reduce all the extra baggage: Try to avoid carrying unnecessary luggage. The heavier the car, the more impact it will have on the brakes. So try to free and lighten your car as much as possible.
● Do not use your left foot: You should only use your right foot on the brake pedal for the brakes to have a longer life span. This will help you avoid simultaneously pushing both pedals and also to resist unnecessary brake taps.
● Do not follow: Avoid using brakes just because the person in the car ahead touched his brake for no reason. This is seen to be a very popular habit among many drivers and you should reduce it by learning to coast when these incidents take place.
● Change the brake fluids: It is essential to change your brake fluids on a regular basis to avoid any form of damage to them. If your car is old, you must consider renewing your brake fluids. When you change the brake fluids, the internal components and the brakes last longer and works better.
Follow these simple ways to take care of your car brakes and you shall notice your brakes lasting longer and working efficiently.

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Happy Diwali to All Our Customers!

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali

Here’s wishing a Happy Diwali to all our customers from all of us at Chevrolet India.

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GM India launches All New Chevrolet Cruze

All New Chevrolet Cruze

New model comes with refreshed exterior styling, comfort features and added safety

New Delhi: GM India today launched the all new Chevrolet Cruze with refreshed exterior styling, new comfort features and added safety. The Cruze, which had already set a new benchmark in the premium executive sedan segment with the most powerful diesel engine under its hood, will further strengthen its position in the marketplace and reiterate GM India’s commitment to provide best-in-class products to its customers.

“The Cruze has received an overwhelming response from consumers across India since its launch in 2009 and continues to be the largest-selling Chevrolet nameplate globally,” said Lowell Paddock, President and Managing Director, General Motors India. “With new stylish exteriors, modern comfort features and added safety, we expect the all new Cruze to continue exceeding expectations of car buyers and keep up the excitement in the festive season.”

Stylish New Exteriors
The all new Cruze comes with a new dual-port front grille with gold bowtie, newly designed front and rear bumpers, new dual bezel design headlamps, new alloy wheels and new fog lamps with chrome surround across all trim levels. The new Cruze with its refreshed styling chisels a lasting impression with its bold dynamism of form, aggressive stance, muscular shoulders and taut styling crease lines.

The jewel-effect headlamps add striking character to the sporty front end. Muscular sides, chrome applique on the trunk lid and mesmerizing twin-port jewel effect tail lights highlight the design enchantment.

A Perfect Blend of Comfort and Entertainment

The new Chevrolet Cruze comes with thoughtfully researched comfort features like a six-way power adjustable driver’s seat, dead pedal, premium speakers, power-operated windows with the express-up & down feature on the driver’s window, Bluetooth music streaming and pinch guard protection for improved customer delight.

The ice-blue ambient lighting enhances this, as do the classy, elegant and comfortable jet black leather interiors. An advanced integrated centre stack with graphic infotainment display, radio and HVAC controls add to the premium feel of the car. A thicker, ergonomic rim design helps maneuver with more ease with the three-spoke steering wheel.

A sleek, no-wire experience for the car audio enthusiast is standard. Push button start, cruise control, rain-sensing wipers and an auto-dimming inside rear view mirror make the Chevrolet Cruze a dream to drive. Steering wheel-mounted cruise control automatically controls the speed for a pleasurable highway drive.

The three-gauge instrument cluster has sophisticated ice-blue dash illumination and a centre-positioned information display provides every little detail required.

Safe, Sturdy and Mighty

Equipped with dual front airbags and two side airbags, the new Cruze enhances safety in case of a high-impact collision. The strong and rigid “safety cage” has reinforced pillars with tubular bars, which provide optimum protection to passengers. The front and rear crumple zone maximizes safety by absorbing the impact energy in a collision.

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic sensors provides excellent braking efficiency and shorter stopping distances, which ensures better steering control, especially on slippery surfaces. Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS) automatically controls the central locking system, anti-theft alarm and ignition.

The pedestrian protection design of the hood and related hinge structures reduce the chance of pedestrian injury. With a child seat provision specifically designed in the rear seating area, the new Cruze offers protection for children at all times. They can be secured in any of the three rear seats.

Turbo Charged with Excellent Ride and Handling

The 2.0-litre VCDi engine under the hood of the Chevrolet Cruze delivers 166 PS of unadulterated power on tap, making it the most powerful diesel car in its class. Added to that, the 380 Nm of torque makes the experience simply exhilarating. The advanced engine management system, coupled with the high-performance variable geometry turbo-charged common rail direct injection (CRDI) system ensures breath-taking performance.

The Chevrolet Cruze comes with both a 6-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic transmission mated to the all-new 2.0-litre VCDi engine, setting a new benchmark in refinement and driving comfort. Seamless gear changes mean superior acceleration off the block, instant torque delivery for effortless overtaking and the pleasure of power driving.

The electronic automatic transmission control system offers clutch-to-clutch shift operation for precision gear shifting. A widespread gear ratio ensures quicker getaways and a sixth gear for increased fuel economy at cruising speeds.

With its specially engineered wider track, stiff body structure, quick-acting steering and braking system, the Cruze delivers advanced road handling, improved aerodynamic performance and greater sensitivity to set-up changes.

A gas-charged McPherson strut type front suspension, U-shaped rear suspension with torsion beams and gas-charged shock absorber ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

A hydraulic power rack-and-pinion power steering is tuned for more responsiveness with quick-reacting ratio. A four-wheel disc brake set-up provides excellent stopping and stable braking capability. Along with ABS input from speed sensors, you get reduced stopping distance, maximum stability and improved steering ability.

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Senior Executives from General Motors visit India

Senior Executives from General Motors visit IndiaSenior executives from GM, including Stefan Jacoby, Executive Vice President, General Motors, Consolidated International Operations, and Dan Ammann, Executive Vice President and CFO, General Motors Corporation recently visited General Motors India to review GM’s operations and business in India.

After being given a warm reception by the GM India leadership team on their arrival, the day kick- started with Stefan, Dan and other senior delegates making a visit to some of the major Chevrolet India dealerships in New Delhi. Later in the day, both Stefan & Dan met with economists from Deutsche Bank & Indian Credit Ratings Agency (ICRA) who gave an overview of the Indian economy and the current automobile industry scenario and trends. A Ride & Drive program was conducted at Kingdom of Dreams amusement park near GM India headquarter in Gurgaon. The drive concluded with feedback about Chevrolet cars.

In the evening, the GM India Leadership team hosted a formal dinner party for the delegates wherein the industry leaders and policy-makers were also invited. The following morning, Stefan & Dan visited the GM India headquarter and met the other GM India functional heads to get an overview of GM India’s operations, business, future plans, product planning and also shared their valuable thoughts on the business. The final destination of the delegates’ visit was the GM Technical Centre in Bangalore. The Senior Executive team visited three different facilities, Benchmarking Center, Design Studio and the GMTCI Headquarter in ITPB. Visit started with the Benchmarking center. The visitors were given an overview of GMTCI’s historic growth and current capability which was followed by reviews of India and emerging market requirements.. Design Annex visit was centered around the physical vehicle reviews of current and future products. Later, an All People Meeting was organized where Stefan Jacoby, Dan Ammann, Lowell Paddock and Julia Steyn addressed the audience. A Q&A session chaired by Stefan Jacoby gave employees the opportunity to interact with and directly hear from the leader himself. The GMTCI visit concluded with the GM India Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team giving an update to Stefan, Dan and other senior delegates on the CSR structure and various activities carried out by the four sites -Gurgaon, Talegaon, Halol & Bangalore, in driving a better tomorrow. The delegates were very appreciative of the work done by the team in giving back to the society.

The Senior Leadership left with a positive frame of mind with respect to the Indian operations.

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Sailing Through The Himalayas


October 6, 2013: It was a full house, with raring enthusiasm, in Shimla, with motorsport enthusiasts from all parts of the country ready to set off for the highest rally of the world – the Raid De Himalaya. The Raid, as referred to by most enthusiasts, is counted among the top ten toughest motorsport rallies globally and is witness to unparalleled vigor.

It won’t be a euphemism – “For the diehard rally driver, it’s the mecca of rallying in Asia”. The highest rally in the world; only 25% starters finish; an extreme endurance event of marathon proportions; it will be cold, very very cold; there will be almost no oxygen to breathe; the roads will be like river beds, well, icy river beds, and the knowledge that one may not return from this adventure as the same person that waved goodbye cheerily to his family and friends a week before, in fact one may not return at all….

And as a reward one will have the country’s most envied bragging rights – That itself, if finished,  , will be an unbelievable victory, as rallying at 6000 meters above sea level is unheard of by most.



The vehicle selected was 1.3 litre diesel powered SAIL Hatchback. The preparation of the vehicle was executed under the supervision of General Motors Technical Centre India, Bangalore. The vehicle was engineered and fitted with safety equipment like, roll cage, safety seats and belts, under body plate to successfully traverse the most difficult and unforgiving terrains. And, of course, we had our helmets to protect us while we drove!



The route to “Raid” traversed the difficult stretches of Kaza, Tabo, Keylong, Khardung La and Wari La and finally to close at Leh. With the backdrop of the Himalayas and real dangers threatening every participant, the task of mere completion was terrifying. Achieving the end of each day was a real victory. This was a real adventure – as a single wrong step meant having a free fall from highest altitudes.

The Raid tested qualities of endurance, physical and mental toughness on one side, and on the other, tested the choice of vehicle and planning for the unexpected.



We drove past the  highest motorable altitudes, the mightiest mountains where nothing much survives and learnt that one needs to be physically fit and mentally strong, that the unexpected lies around the next bend and it need not always be pleasant! -A well-prepared car and physical fitness to face the rigors that the high altitude route has to offer, both need to be in place.

The day normally started just after sunrise, and terminated just before dusk. However there were delays and, on a few occasions, we drove with lights on, without knowing how much depth one is running, with just about 2 meters of road on the either side of the vehicle.

Our SAIL Hatchback kept us moving, even while we saw many others withdrawing in between because of various breakdowns by their machines. The vehicle performed to expectations, with the ground clearance the only major concern, given the terrain we had to battle with, while competing with a lineup dominated by SUVs.  It was indeed testing, for every moving or stationary part of vehicle which underwent the treacherous, unforgiving terrain, as each day for a grueling 12 – 14 hours, stones hit every corner of our vehicle like bullets. The suspension, the engine, the transmission, along with the driver, each needed perfect harmony – and finally when the man and the machine, after 6 days of rallying across 1800km, arrived safe, all the pain was relieved and a true sense of achievement prevailed.




The overall experience was enriching and gave a sense of pride for the machine. We learned how to survive in extreme conditions, and keep the target in mind irrespective of all the harsh elements.

Winning or losing comes second – what matters most is man and machine working in tandem yet finishing safe.


-By Deepak Mutreja and Pradeep Chauhan



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Safety checks before your trip

Safety checks before your trip

It is important to adequately prepare key areas of your vehicle before leaving for a driving trip. Here are a few simple pre road-trip checks that one must keep in mind:

● Check the air pressure:  People often neglect checking the air pressure of the tires. Low air pressure may lead to a blowout from extra friction on highways and can decrease fuel economy too. You must check the pressure marked on the driver’s side door to know the adequate tire pressure. It is important to check the pressure of all four tires and also be sure to keep a spare tire with its air pressure up-to-date.

● Check the fluids in your car: You must safeguard your car from problems such as mechanical damage, over-heating or even a breakdown. Check the fluids like coolant and engine oil in your car on a regular basis to prevent such problems. If necessary, change the engine oil if the due date is approaching. Use high-quality oils to protect the life of your engine and to remove the additional stress on your motor.

●The GPS: The GPS in your car should work properly to avoid losing your way. This Global Positioning System has to capability to show and guide you to get to any destination in your mind.

●Check if the lights and signals are functional: It is necessary to sit in the car, turn on each light and see if it is working. You must also replace bulbs and fuse if it needs to be changed to avoid accident and problems while driving.

● Battery: Make sure to check the battery of your car before your trip. You can do this visually by looking for leaks, cracks or any other damage in the battery. If the battery is more than four years old, you must try and replace it.

●Brakes: You must ensure that the car brakes are working efficiently. Rusted brakes can cause a lot of difficulties for you. Also keep a check on the brake pads and rotors and replace them if they need to be changed.

●Emergency equipment: Keep spare tires, an up-to-date map, flares, medical kits, fire extinguisher, flash lights and other emergency tools in the car. You never know what and when can problem arise! So be well-equipped.

● Take a test-drive: You should test-drive your car thoroughly to check if there are any signs of trouble. If you hear unusual noises or feel the shakes in the gauges, take the car to your trusted professional service centre for a complete diagnosis of your car.

You can now follow these simple checks to make your trip a hassle free-experience.

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GM India donates Chevrolet Cruze to Industrial Training Institute

GM India donates Chevrolet Cruze to ITI Tarsali

GM India has donated a brand new gasoline Chevrolet Cruze to the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Tarsali, Vadodara.  The institute, one of the more important Industrial Training institutes in the state of Gujarat, will use the Chevrolet Cruze for giving technical education to its students.

The car lay proudly in the workshop area of the Institute where both the students and the faculty of the institute are excited about their new test subject – a spanking premium saloon from Chevrolet.

General Motors India is deeply focused on development of the community where it is based as part of corporate social responsibility (CSR). General Motors manufacturing plant in Halol produces the Chevrolet Cruze and the company is happy to guide and help budding technology engineers keen to explore and witness new technology.

GM India had earlier donated a Cruze to leading institute SVNIT in Gujarat for demonstrations in class rooms, laboratories and workshops in June 2012.

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Chevrolet Educates on Road Safety

Chevrolet Educates on Road Safety

GMI CSR HQ Gurgaon organized a ‘Road Safety / Pedestrian Safety’ Workshop at ‘Sankalp’ School [a School run by NGO ‘Sankalp’ for Marginalised Children in Gurgaon] on September 24, 2013 to ensure the Children are aware of the need and the best practices in Road Safety / Pedestrian Safety.

As per WHO every year the lives of almost 1.24 million people are cut short as a result of a road traffic crash. Between 20 to 50 million more people suffer non-fatal injuries with many incurring a disability as a result of their injury.

Also as Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death among young people, GMI CSR HQ Gurgaon is committed to organize many such Workshops at other NGO Schools in Gurgaon in CY 2014 to create awareness towards Road Safety amongst Students.

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