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Lead the Way with Chevrolet Trailblazer

With the Chevrolet Trailblazer, it does not matter if you are on city roads or on an adventurous trip to the rocky hill roads, you will truly feel like a king. The comfortable ride with embrace of luxurious interiors, the rugged 7 seat Trailblazer also provides ample space for baggage, powerful class 2.8L Duramax diesel engine (with 147kW of power and 500 Nm torque) and keep you well above the others. You will fall in love with the sleek exteriors designed magnificently to please with just the right mix of chrome, sharp lines and flared arches. Yet, it exudes enough muscle for the roughest roads you’ll ever drive on.

And for that wow factor! The famed Chevrolet MyLink that gives you total control at a touch. Make and take calls handsfree with Bluetooth or integrate your iPhone’s SIRI voice-command for composing text messages and playing music on the go, along with Stitcher Smart Radio that customizes your entertainment needs. For you, all the way!

If you are a mountain buff and like to drive off the beaten track in the mountains, one of the most helpful and exciting things you will find in the Trailblazer that is the Hill Descent Control (HDC) and the Hill Start Assist (HSA). As you drive your vehicle down a steep slope, activate the HDC and feel the engine and brake work in unison to limit the speed to the most appropriate and comfortable level. And on those steep climbs, the HSA prevents the vehicle from rolling back between releasing the brake and applying the accelerator. Just enjoy your drive, freely.

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Are you one who likes to travel with your family and friends, carry a lot of photography and camping gear, stop where you like and move when you want? Then the Trailblazer is the answer. The biggest and most powerful in its class, it comes with a cargo space of max 1,830 liters, a 60/40 second row with split-folding tumble seating, a 50/50 third row split-folding seating. The Chevrolet Trailblazer can accommodate a range of seating and storage options to suit all your needs perfectly.

A 6-speed automatic transmission with active select manumatic control, fuel efficiency of 11.45 kmpl and maximum output of 147kW @ 3600 rpm takes you many extra miles smoothly over the bumpiest of roads.

Test drive the Trailbalzer today and feel the comfort, luxury, elegance and power all rolled into one!

About Chevrolet
Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is now one of the world’s largest car brands, doing business in more than 115 countries and selling more than 4.0 million cars and trucks a year. Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature engaging performance, design that makes the heart beat, passive and active safety features and easy-to-use technology, all at a value. More information on Chevrolet models can be found at

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What makes Cruze a perfect car for those who do their own thinking?

Do you want to buy a car that matches your personality?

If you believe your USP is of an out-of-the-box thinker, if overcoming challenges is your forte, if in the long run you feel it has paid off well to do your own thinking because it stands you apart from the crowd, now is the time for you to check out the new global bestseller, the Chevrolet Cruze 2016. It is powerful, has great style and is very intelligent (Did we just describe your personality?).

Many of us don’t believe in a car being just a mode of transportation from point A to point B. We would like to feel proud every time we look at it. It is important to enjoy both, the exterior and the interior, and the drive has to be steady and powerful. Take a test drive of the Chevrolet Cruze 2016 and we’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for. It will change your perception of Chevrolet completely. We have made a huge effort to bring the right car for Indian roads and traffic.

There are a couple of 3-day weekends coming up when you could step out with your family for a quick holiday in the cool of the mountains or to just chill at the beach, so it has to be a vehicle that will keep your family safe on the highway also.

The Chevrolet Cruze comes with all the safety features: A safety cage, front and rear crumple zone and an ABS with electronic brake-force distribution. To top it all, the Cruze offers enhanced protection for kids; it is specifically designed to install a child seat in any of the 3 rear seats. It is also equipped with 4 airbags, front dual and side airbags, providing the highest measure of airbag safety in case of a high impact collision.


Its exterior, the new chrome grille front fascia, projection fog lamps and LED daytime running lights give the already sculpted exterior an even better look!
The spacious interiors, large boot space, soothing ice blue lighting, very smart and comfortable leather seats, a 6-way power adjustable driver seat and an electric sunroof will win your heart. And for your highway driving, it has on-steering cruise control for better fuel consumption, and awesome rain sensing wipers!

Talking of intelligent, the smart MyLink empowers you with remarkable technology, convenience and safety at the touch of your fingertips. The ‘text to speech’ functionality allows you to read and compose text messages on the move and access stored audio files on your mobile or flash drive through voice control or the color touchscreen. Leave those messy wires behind, connect your device to MyLink through Bluetooth and stream it over your stereo speakers. You also have a keyless entry and start/stop ignition.

In addition, you have Siri as your personal assistant to make your drives more amazing through the Siri Eyes-free mode. Get Siri to make calls and play your favorite music, listen to and compose your reminders, notifications and messages, all without touching your iPhone while on the road. At the same time, you can use MyLink’s enhanced voice recognition technology to just press a button on your steering wheel for simple voice commands.

You have the option to consider where you would enjoy driving the Cruze more, on the highway or city roads with stop-and-go traffic, or both. Choose between buying a Cruze with a 6 speed automatic transmission with seamless acceleration and instant torque, or a 6 speed manual transmission with a superlative hydraulic clutch system. Both work wonderfully. And you know what? The rear vision camera in the Cruze relays crystal clear images on the 7-inch display guiding you through the tightest spots while parking even in the most crowded areas.

If you’re excited about the Chevrolet Cruze 2016, join the gang and take a test drive today… You will love it!

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Your Perfect Partner, Chevrolet Beat 2016

In this day and age of high stress levels and competitive environment one looks for fun, comfort and peace of mind wherever it can be found. It can be nerve wracking driving in the mad traffic of big cities for your job all day, or driving distances in the evening to a networking event!

What’s the solution? Get into a Chevrolet Beat 2016, it’s an efficient and fun car! The pleasure and ease of driving this small car is what normally comes in sedans. The amazing pick-up of the car with the advanced insta-torque boost, the steering mounted audio controls for your entertainment and the icy blue illumination inside can only make you smile.

And, t’s not just an intelligent car, the stylish spacious interiors, airbags for the driver and co-passenger, ABS, the new dual port chrome grille with a bold front fascia and stylish 14” alloy wheels make it smart enough to be seen as your style statement!


Planning to buy it or go for a test drive! Call us on 1800-3000-8080 or visit your nearest Chevrolet dealership.
You will also get more details about the summer offers shattering perceptions about high costs for purchase and maintenance.

Have fun over the next long weekend with your family or friends, drive out of the city into the hills or to the seaside. The Chevrolet Beat 2016 is available in both Diesel and Petrol variant with room for 5, a large enough boot space (or you have a 60:40 split back seat to fit in that extra luggage) and plenty of holders for your cans, bottles or cups. That’s not all, it comes in 7 vibrant colors to match its funky and stylish exterior.

Stylish car! It’s easy handling makes it easy to park anywhere! Drive the Chevrolet Beat 2016 and fall in love with it! Why are you waiting for? Request a test drive today.

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The story of the Chevrolet Trailblazer launch in India

The Chevrolet Trailblazer became a part of a love story… about a wife who wants to do something different in return for her husband’s niceness, something that would bring joy to his heart.

We made a real life video on the wife making her husband relive his favorite childhood memory of receiving a Chevrolet toy car from his uncle, packed in a box. However, this time the Chevrolet car was the Trailblazer, delivered in a very large wooden Amazon box, which created such a touching nostalgic moment… the ringing of the doorbell, the excitement in the wife’s eyes as she watches her husband open the door, the husband’s surprised face when he opens the box…

The Trailblazer was the first Chevrolet car to be launched online in partnership with the giant online retailer, Amazon in India. This gave us the opportunity to deliver a car in a colossal box to a customer’s doorstep.
The post-delivery results were phenomenal! As a result, Chevrolet India received 8 bookings from the Amazon brand store and 5 Trailblazers were sold.

And that was not all, Chevrolet was then happy to take the campaign forward by collaborating with One World Play Project and Slum Soccer. We used the massive empty Amazon box we were left with and filled it up with footballs, One World Futbols. We delivered this box to a remote part of India to gift One World Futbols to kids, young budding footballers. The joy on their faces was worth watching!

Apart from spreading smiles the video generated a lot of attention for the Chevrolet Trailblazer online.

On social media, the hashtag #BoxUnveiled generated more than 55 million impressions. The main campaign video generated more than 1 million views on YouTube and 1.4 million on Facebook. It was also featured on websites like Scoop Whoop, Storypick and Yourstory.

The campaign kicked off on Twitter, with a teaser film of the Amazon box being carried on a lorry on the Mumbai-Pune expressway. The teaser was tweeted with the hashtag #MysteryBox which was trending for more than 3 hours, followed by the hashtag #WhatsInTheBox which again was trending. This generated a lot of curiosity, leading to total impressions of more than 59 million and 91 million on Twitter respectively. We finally followed up the campaign by releasing the whole video on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube with the hashtag #BoxUnveiled which was trending again!

The hashtags that accompanied the video were #BoxOfHappiness and #ChevroletIndia which received more than 47 million and 48 million impressions respectively, generated more than 5 thousand conversations and a reach of 10 million. In addition to this, these hashtags were trending for two days.

The Chevrolet Trailblazer campaign was a grand success! Apart from creating a great brand presence online, we were glad we could bring smiles to millions of faces.

About Chevrolet
Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is now one of the world’s largest car brands, doing business in more than 115 countries and selling more than 4.0 million cars and trucks a year. Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature engaging performance, design that makes the heart beat, passive and active safety features and easy-to-use technology, all at a value. More information on Chevrolet models can be found at

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Chevrolet takes football fan from India to United Kingdom to enjoy Manchester United experience

Fan from Hyderabad gets a once in a lifetime opportunity which money can’t buy

Chevrolet today announced that it will kick start the dream journey of a Manchester United Fan from Hyderabad to Old Trafford, the home ground of the legendary football club, Manchester United. The objective of the Chevrolet Fan Cup is to celebrate the passion of Manchester United fans in India by turning their dreams into reality.
The winner was selected through a Chevrolet Fan Cup Contest on Chevrolet India’s website, encouraging fans of Manchester United to answer “How Do You Celebrate after a Goal?” with a celebration picture of their own. The most eye-catching entry was selected along with a companion for an all-expense paid experience at Old Trafford.

The winner gets to play an exclusive Chevrolet Fan Cup football tournament and get a chance to be coached by Manchester United Legends and play a match on the actual Old Trafford pitch, a chance that normal visitors never get. The winner will also be given a glimpse the Manchester history with a tour of the football museum. This makes it an opportunity that ‘money can’t buy’.

“Football transcends geographic, cultural and language barriers and with the Chevrolet Fan Cup, we aim to give Indian fans the experience of a lifetime by putting them at the center of the action at Old Trafford in United Kingdom. We are dedicated to growing the Chevrolet brand in India and our focus on football will continue to help us achieve this goal,” said Jack Uppal, Vice President, Marketing & Customer Experience, General Motors India.

The winner, Bharath Singh, 25, from Hyderabad is a die-hard Manchester United supporter. An MNC employee, he is a working committee member of the Manchester United Supporters Club in Hyderabad. He has actively represented his college in Baseball, Softball and Football.
The Chevrolet Fan Cup contest is the global campaign. There are seven countries or regions joining this program (India, Indonesia, Korea, Middle East, Thailand, Vietnam and South Africa), with eight winners per country (56 winners in total). Manchester United has more than 659 million supporters around the world. Chevrolet started its seven-year shirt sponsorship of the club in 2014.
There are seven countries joining this program (India, Indonesia, Korea, Middle East, Thailand, Vietnam and South Africa), with eight winners per country (56 winners in total). Manchester United has more than 659 million supporters around the world. Chevrolet’s sponsorship of Manchester United brings together two global giants with a strong global presence. Chevrolet started its seven-year shirt sponsorship of the club in 2014.

About Chevrolet
Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is now one of the world’s largest car brands, doing business in more than 115 countries and selling more than 4.0 million cars and trucks a year. Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature engaging performance, design that makes the heart beat, passive and active safety features and easy-to-use technology, all at a value. More information on Chevrolet models can be found at

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GM India Launches New Chevrolet Enjoy MPV

Refreshing new changes enhance premium appeal

New Delhi: General Motors India on 6 July 2015 launched the new Chevrolet Enjoy multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) priced at Rs. 6.24 lakhs to Rs. 8.79 lakhs (Ex-Showroom, New Delhi). With a maximum of eight seats, the versatile MPV offers a spacious, comfortable and stylish ride in the MPV segment.

“The Chevrolet Enjoy continues to be the most value-for-money proposition in the compact MPV segment. With a host of refreshing new changes including a brand new three-spoke sporty steering wheel with audio controls, the new Chevrolet Enjoy is even more upmarket and appealing thereby addressing the dual needs for family travel and business use,” said Arvind Saxena, President and Managing Director, General Motors India.

The new Chevrolet Enjoy’s three-spoke sporty steering wheel with golden Chevrolet bowtie and silver accents enhances visual appeal along with steering-mounted audio controls for greater convenience. Making it more appealing from the inside, premium chrome embellishments are added on the inside door handles, AC vents, gear knob and parking lever along with a glossy black finish on the door armrests.

New leatherette and fabric upholstery provide greater comfort for either seven or eight passengers completing the refreshing new interior additions of the Chevrolet Enjoy. Changes to the car’s exteriors are highlighted by chrome rear license garnish as standard along with stylish black B-pillar strips.

Stylish Exteriors and Bold Interiors

The Enjoy has a length of 4,305 mm, width of 1,680 mm, height of 1,750 mm and a wheelbase of 2,720 mm, matching that of sedans. Enjoy’s front styling is defined by the signature Golden Chevrolet Bowtie in the chrome surround three-dimensional grille and ‘Leaf Style’ fog lamps. This is accentuated by the chrome surround meshed air dam in the front bumper. The crisp crease lines in the bonnet lend both agility & tension to the car’s aerodynamic form. The well-defined rising shoulder line flows seamlessly from the edge of the headlamps to the tail lamps lending a dynamic stance to the Enjoy. The ‘Swoosh-Style’ jewel effect wraparound headlamps lend a sparkling effect to the style quotient of the Enjoy with the triple-pod design for the turn indicators. Enjoy is available in six exciting exterior colours: Velvet Red, Switchblade Silver, Summit White, Caviar Black, Linen Beige and Sandrift Grey.

Inside, the new richly-appointed dual tone interiors of the Chevrolet Enjoy adorn it with a premium feel. Triple Cluster Silver Surround Instrument Panel brings in sharp styling definition to the Panoramic-View Dashboard. Soothing blue night-time illumination of the instrument panel provides a strain-free view.

Superior Ride and Handling

The rear-wheel-drive Chevrolet Enjoy comes with McPherson struts in front and a five-link rear suspension along with a rigid hybrid chassis – an intelligent combination of monocoque structure and body-on-frame design, which works together to provide excellent ride quality over varied road conditions. Balanced weight distribution over its front and rear axles makes the steering more precise and nimble. Gas-filled front and rear shock absorbers optimize damping to isolate road undulations, reducing fatigue-creating road vibrations. Steering, suspension and braking systems have been fine tuned for Indian road & traffic conditions, ensuring superior ride and handling.

Super Spacious and Extremely Comfortable

The Enjoy stretches the boundaries of space and comfort. It can easily accommodate up to seven or eight passengers depending on the seating option selected. Seven or eight seater options are available across all trims including LS, LT and LTZ. The Chevrolet Enjoy has been designed with the Open-Spaces theme. With its high roof design the Enjoy provides one of the class leading headroom space for all the occupants. Flexi-smart double-folding third row seats provides a unique combination of both one of the segment’s leading leg-space and flexibility of space utilization for luggage. The Theatre Seating arrangement, large side windows and Swing-type Rear Quarter Glass provide an uninterrupted view of the outside world for all occupants. The wide aisle between the second-row captain seats provides comfortable access to the third row seats. Rear AC with independent rear evaporator ensures powerful, quick and efficient cabin cooling for all the vehicle occupants. The rich leatherette or premium fabric upholstered seats in different trim levels of the Chevrolet Enjoy are designed to pamper the occupants in plushness. The Flexi-Smart third-row seats can be double folded for up to 630 liters of luggage space. Smart and well-thought-out storage spaces provide room for passengers to stow their belongings. Tilt Adjustable Steering, 12V Power Outlet in 3rd row, Front & Rear Power Windows, Power Adjustable OSRVM and Height Adjustable Driver Seat further enhance driver and occupant comfort.

Efficient SMARTECH Powertrains

The Enjoy is available with GM India’s new-generation SMARTECH petrol and diesel engines, which are powerful, deliver excellent fuel efficiency, smooth driving performance and low emissions meeting Bharat Stage IV – OBD-II standards. The 1.3-litre diesel engine, which is produced at GM India’s state-of-the-art Talegaon Powertrain facility, delivers maximum power of 74.8 PS @ 4,000 rpm and maximum torque of 172.5 Nm @ 1,750 rpm. The four-cylinder 1.4-litre petrol engine has maximum power of 100.2 PS @ 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 131 Nm @ 4,400 rpm. In addition, every engine and transmission component has been extensively tested and validated for durability, performance and reliability across varying climatic conditions in India.

Safety and Security

In line with Chevrolet’s global focus on safety, the Enjoy has a host of active and passive safety features. It’s Safe Cage Body Structure which is supported by the extensive use of High-Strength Steel providing a cocoon of safety. Ten collision protection beams made of high-strength steel absorb and dissipate collision impact, protecting occupants. The customers will have the option of selecting variants with Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Dual Front Air Bags, Rear Park Assist, Rear Window Defogger, Rear Wash and Wipe System, Rear Door Child Locks, Central Door Locking, Speed-Sensitive Auto Door Locks, and a Remote Key Locking & Un-locking System with an Electronic Anti-theft System along with the car identification function.

Chevrolet Complete Care

In addition to the standard three-year/100,000 kilometers standard warranty, the new Chevrolet Enjoy is available with the Complete Care programme which assures low cost of maintenance along with various convenient ownership facilities like additional warranty at nominal cost, 24×7 Free Roadside Assistance and free pick up and drop for vehicles belonging to female customers across 235 authorized showrooms and 257 service stations spread throughout the country.

About Chevrolet

Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is now one of the world’s largest car brands, doing business in more than 115 countries and selling around 4.8 million cars and trucks a year. Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature engaging performance, design that makes the heart beat, passive and active safety features and easy-to-use technology, all at a value. The Chevrolet portfolio in India includes the Spark, Beat, Chevrolet SAIL, SAIL Hatchback, Cruze, Tavera, Chevrolet Enjoy and Captiva. More information on Chevrolet models can be found at

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The heat is on this June and giving a horrid time not just to us, but to our beloved mode of transport – our cars, too.
But how do we repay the outstanding service meted out by our automobile in the most testing conditions? How do we ensure our cars keep performing smoothly, time and again? Well, if you were worried about how to take care of your car in summers, here are some tips that you can follow to ensure a long drive in any temperature!

Check your car’s brakes
At Chevrolet, safety comes first. Robust brakes set the line of safety while driving a car. This summer, don’t risk by riding around with faulty brakes and keep a check on their functioning and efficiency. Keep a keen eye on your car’s brake performance. Brakes need to be replaced when the lining of your brake pad or brake shoe is worn out past the minimum thickness. A regular inspection of brakes at your car’s authorised workstation goes a long way in ensuring your safety.

Ensure optimum tyre pressure
Due to friction, braking & external heat the air inside the tyres expands – one to two psi for every ten degree rise in temperature. While an under inflated tyre bulges outwards putting undue pressure on the sidewalls of the tyre, an over inflated tyre can inflate furthermore resulting in bursting. So make sure to check tyre inflation pressure more often than regular in summer. Keep an optimum pressure as prescribed in tyre pressure label of your vehicle. Also, having the spare wheel checked for air pressure with the jack in good condition is of great help in case of an emergency.

Check oil and air filter
Keeping a check on the engine oil as it is the lifeline of your car’s engine. It’s all the more important in summers as the engine may overheat due to very low levels. Although there’s no need to do it every time you head out, but going through the exercise before a long trip is recommended. Also, ensure the air filter on your car is clean, as it goes a long way in improving your car’s mileage, engine performance & life.

Check the coolant on your machine
Overheating is the biggest reason your car’s breakdown in summers. In order to keep the machinery cool in the scorching heat, ensures your car’s engine temperature is maintained by checking that the coolant is at an optimum level. Refill it periodically after completely flushing the coolant system as per the schedule given in owner’s manual. It is advisable to keep a watch on the temperature indicator to avoid damage to engine due to overheating. Try checking your coolant level and the entire cooling system before you head out on a long drive. Maintain an ideal 50:50 coolant to water ration or as recommended in the owner’s manual.

Good air conditioning can keep you from being roasted!
Your car is an enclosed metal body and you can very well imagine how metals tend to break new records of heating when kept in the sun for longer times. If you notice your car’s AC not maintaining the temperature inside the car, then it is an indication that the air conditioning is not functioning well. One reason could be a low level of refrigerant, which may require refilling or your car’s having a clogged AC filter which needs cleaning/ replacement. Regular car AC vent cleaning and maintenance by a qualified technician also ensure that your car AC maintains the temperature to keep you cool in the summers.

Wind shield Wipers
A dirty windshield causes eye fatigue and can pose a safety hazard too. Replace the worn-out blades from time-to-time and also ensure plenty of windshield washer solvent.
Battery to start your car on the slightest ignition
Batteries can fail any time of year. The only accurate way to detect a weak battery is with professional equipment. Ensure there is no corrosion from posts and cable connections; clean all surfaces and get all connections re-tightened at an authorized service station. Ensure appropriate levels of electrolyte are maintained in the battery.

Belts & Hoses
Look under the hood and inspect all belts and hoses to make sure they are in good shape with no signs of blisters, cracks, or cuts in the rubber. High summer temperatures accelerate the rate at which rubber belts and hoses degrade. In case they’ve been showing any signs of wear, it’s better to replace right away. Also check all hose connections to make sure they are secure. Contact Chevrolet retailer for assistance.

Apart from the above written rules for a hassle-free driving experience in summers, there are a few more things one ought to keep in mind to avert any trouble. As cars tend to heat way too much in the summers, never leave children or pets alone in your vehicle. Also, make it a point never to leave any inflammable substance in your car in summers to avoid any mishap.
Happy Driving!

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Chevrolet Inaugurates Renovated Sports Ground at Rebecca Belilious English Institution in Kolkata

• As part of its continued commitment to demonstrate that where there’s play, there’s beautiful possibilities, Chevrolet completely rebuilds school’s football pitch in Kolkata, India

• The transformed pitch at the Rebecca Belilious English Institution creates a safe place for children to play and encourages kids to stay in school

Kolkata, India – As part of GM India’s CSR initiative, Chevrolet today inaugurated the renovated Rebecca Belilious Sports Ground at the Rebecca Belilious English Institution. This is part of Chevrolet’s commitment to demonstrating that where there is play, there’s beautiful possibilities.

The outdoor sports pitch – located at Tikiapara, Howrah, in Kolkata – will serve as a safe place for children and the local community to play. The pitch will also be used as a venue for local events and sports matches.

“The previous pitch was nothing but an open space covered in dirt and mud. The children of Tikiapara had no option but to play on it, despite its poor and dilapidated condition,” said P. Balendran, Vice President, General Motors India. “Chevrolet saw a place that could be completely rebuilt to allow the students to turn their lives around, encourage them to stay in school and unlock the potential for their future.”

As part of today’s festivities, Manchester United Legend Mikael Silvestre shared personal insights about his own journey on and off the field and how play has served a key role throughout his life. He was joined by Sandip Dutta, trustee of the land; Mamoon, the founder of the school; and a host of other dignitaries and well-wishers.

The football pitch was revitalized for Slum Soccer, an organization that uses football to transcend race, religion, language and gender to bring about a change in the lives of street dwellers.

“With this pitch, we will be reaching out to the most under-served children and youth of Kolkata,” said Dr. Abhijeet Barse, CEO of Slum Soccer. “Throughout the years, we have seen the impact and positive change that football and play can have on a child. Our partnership with Chevrolet will bring new possibilities to the Tikiapara community.”

Coinciding with today’s ceremony, Chevrolet and Coaches Across Continents (CAC) created a tailored program for local football coaches to learn more about how the sport can be used to tackle and resolve life’s many challenges. The CAC staffers who trained the new coaches will remain involved in the community by providing ongoing remote support, with curriculum tailored to suit the local area.

To mark the occasion Chevrolet also donated 250 One World Futbols to the Rebecca Belilious English Institution. Chevrolet is the founding sponsor of One World Play Project, creator of the ultra-durable One World Futbol, which can withstand the most rugged conditions – never needing a pump or going flat, even when punctured. As a part of a three-year partnership with One World Play Project, Chevrolet has pledged to support the donation and distribution of 1.5 million Chevrolet-branded One World Futbols to youth in war-stricken zones, refugee camps, disaster areas, and other underprivileged communities around the world.

Chevrolet and the One World Play Project have delivered more than 28,000 of the ultra-durable footballs across the India. The donations have supported initiatives that are focused on health and wellness, community building, gender equality, HIV/AIDS, education and conflict resolution. In April, the partners also provided footballs to the Government School in Navlakh Umbre as a part of the larger Chevrolet Day of Play global initiative that aimed to bring positive changes in local communities.

In addition, Chevrolet supported football pitch renovations in Bangkok (Thailand), Bandung (Indonesia), Chicago (USA) and Hammanskraal (South Africa) in 2014. The global automotive brand is planning several additional announcements and fan engagements around the world this year as part of its sponsorship of Manchester United and partnership with the One World Play Project.

To see inspirational stories of how Chevrolet has transformed lives through play, visit us online at, like us on Facebook at, follow us on Twitter @ChevroletFC or subscribe to our YouTube channel at

About Chevrolet
Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is now one of the world’s largest car brands, doing business in more than 115 countries and selling around 4.8 million cars and trucks a year. Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature engaging performance, design that makes the heart beat, passive and active safety features and easy-to-use technology, all at a value. The Chevrolet portfolio in India includes the Spark, Beat, Chevrolet SAIL, SAIL Hatchback, Cruze, Tavera, Chevrolet Enjoy and Captiva. More information on Chevrolet models can be found at
About Slum Soccer

Slum Soccer is a Nagpur, Maharashtra-based non-profit organisation which works with an objective of reaching out to and developing football in the grassroots. Since 2000, this organisation has been using football – the beautiful game which is unique yet a perfect vehicle that transcends race, religion, language and gender to bring about a change in the lives of underprivileged. For more information on Slum Soccer, please call 0712-2556865 or visit us at

About Manchester United
Manchester United is one of the most popular and successful sports teams in the world, playing one of the most popular spectator sports on Earth. Through our 136-year heritage, we have won 62 trophies, enabling us to develop the world’s leading sports brand and a global community of 659 million followers. Our large, passionate community provides Manchester United with a worldwide platform to generate significant revenue from multiple sources, including sponsorship, merchandising, product licensing, new media & mobile, broadcasting and match day.

About One World Play Project

One World Play Project makes, sells and distributes products and services to enable play around the world, especially for those living in the harshest environments where play is nearly non-existent. The company is a B-Corporation, harnessing the power of business to ignite social change. Collaborating with sponsors, organizations and individuals, One World Play Project works to support, enable and expand the transformative power of play in all its forms, anywhere and everywhere. To date, One World Play Project has brought the power of play to more than 35 million youth worldwide. One World Play Project is headquartered in Berkeley, California, with regional offices in Asia, South America and Africa – and distribution centers in Fremont, California, and Voerde, Germany. For more information about One World Play Project, visit

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Car Security Blog img

Car security is an essential step that every car owner must ensure. Owning a car is expensive and most people have important paperwork, money, car accessories and personal items that are carried around in their vehicles. Every day threats of theft and/or vandalism may do great harm to the owner. To ensure that your car is safe when you’re not around it, you may keep the following steps in mind:

• Always double check the doors and windows, even if you use a remote lock for your car.
• Always park near any place that you visit. Make sure that you choose a parking lot. If there’s no parking lot, park in a well-lit public area.
• Park carefully. Watch out for things like dry leaves, grass etc. that could ignite on touching hot parts of your car’s underbelly.
• Keep all belongings in the glove box of your car or carry them with you. Do not leave them in plain sight, in your car.
• Always leave your car with the engine off, even if it is for just a short while.
• Never leave a spare key to your car in a supposed ‘blind’ spot. Always carry one on you in person
• Record and keep the key number plate of your car in a safe place, not in the vehicle. This deters unauthorized access to a duplicate key. (The key number is stamped on the key number plate.)
• Take a snapshot of your vehicle identification number (VIN), registration plate number, and title certificate number and email them to yourself – the easiest storage option

Such simple steps ensure that you are always alert about your car’s security against theft. Invest in anti-theft alarms, gear and steering locks to make doubly sure that your vehicle is safe. You may also invest in GPS tracking software and other technology that keeps you personally updated about the security of your car. Be cautious, stay aware and have a safe drive, always!

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Chevrolet Moments – Fan Feature

India_Blog Creative_April_UGC Fan Feature BlogChevrolet Fan Feature: Kundan Nitin Sule

At Chevrolet, we love being closer to our fans and seeing how they’re finding new roads in their very own Chevy. That’s why, we started an exciting contest on our Facebook page, where we asked Chevrolet Fans to tell us about their favorite Chevrolet moments.

All that the users were asked to do was post a memorable picture with their favorite Chevrolet car or tell a great story featuring their Chevrolet. The best pictures and stories stood the chance to be featured in the Chevrolet India blog!

Hundreds of fans left their comments with many sharing their exciting stories with us. But it was Kundan Nitin Sule’s cool picture of him with his Beat en-route to Solang Valley, that really caught our attention.

For his tale of the miles covered and roads conquered in his Chevrolet, Kundan is our featured fan on the blog. He also wins an exclusive Manchester United – Chevrolet Branded T-Shirt. Congratulations to him!

Like Kundan, we hope all Chevrolet fans would continue sharing their Chevrolet moments with us. It’s only going to help us here at Chevrolet bring the best of our carlines and services to you.

Cheers till the next time we see you, with another great Chevrolet moment. Keep motoring and FIND NEW ROADS!

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