Alloy Wheels

For most people a car is probably one of their most significant possessions. So much time and research goes into deciding the color and model; and once the final decision is made, all of us will want to jazz it up with accessories and fittings.

For any car, alloy wheels are like a custom made suit replacing one that was bought off the rack. They dramatically transform the appearance of any motorized vehicle. With the variety of designs available in the market, it’s easy to select one that will enhance the looks of your car. This simple addition can make an old car look almost as good as new or provide it with a whole new appearance. However, alloy wheels are not just about cosmetic solutions or mere window dressing. They fulfill a functional role too.

An alloy wheel is lightweight in comparison to a steel wheel. It’s made from a combination of aluminum and small amounts of other metals like magnesium, which are added to strengthen the wheel. That’s why even though the material is light, it is by no means flimsy. In fact, alloy wheels actually make your car perform better. This lighter set of wheels improves handling by reducing unsprung mass, allowing the suspension to follow the road more closely and thus improve grip. A lighter rotating mass also translates into more fuel efficiency. As for the gaps or open design that these wheels have, these too serve a purpose; they bring on a faster brake cooling. For the lay person – this means that your brake performance is at its optimum. A handy feature in our urban, start-stop traffic situations.

When you buy alloy wheels make sure to purchase them from an original equipment manufacturer or a reputable automobile dealer. Getting your car professionally fitted would ensure that factors like pitch circle diameter, bore measurements and the like are taken into consideration to guarantee that the alloy or mag wheels you’ve bought will work according to their purpose. A botched fit or a mismatched pattern of nuts to your PCD will cause unnecessary wear and tear.

Some automobile companies like Chevrolet have a range of striking alloy wheels for each of their car models. It makes perfect sense to get these custom-made wheels fitted on your car. They not only enhance the all-important aesthetic appeal but also improve the mileage and the steering feel of the car due to their lightness.

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  1. Samir

    Dear Team,

    I need best prices for 14″ Alloy wheels for Sail Sedan , kindly help in this regard.


    • Chevrolet India

      Hi Samir, indeed 14″ alloys would look great on the car. Kindly check our list of authorised Chevrolet dealers here and visit the nearest dealer for more information. Thank you for your query.

  2. Kamaljeet Singh

    Dear Chevrolet India Team,

    Thanks for sharing nice information about Alloy wheels. I have bought Alloy wheels for Spark from United Auto Centre in Chandigarh. Now the car is looking great with alloy wheels.


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